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Information concerning the coronavirus

Studierende mit Maske sitzen auf einer Treppe am Campus 1 und unterhalten sich

Informations on the corona virus

Here the university informs about current developments regarding the corona virus. It is important to us to protect students and employees as much as possible from infection by providing information and safety measures.

General hygiene measures

We ask all students and employees to comply with the general hygiene measures to protect against infection. This includes in particular:

  1. Avoid body contact

    Avoid body contact with other people (e.g. shaking hands or hugs).

  2. Wash hands

    Wash your hands regularely and thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds

  3. Maintain minimum distance

    Please keep the minimum distance of 1,50 m to other people if possible!

  4. Recommendation to wear masks

    It is recommended to wear a medical mask or FFP2 mask if a distance of min. 1,5 m to other persons and an infection-protective ventilation is not possible (see ventilation concept).

    Persons who have tested positive it is highly recommended to wear a mask in the buildings of the Technical University of Aschaffenburg and in contact with other persons. In indoor spaces where no other persons are present, the recommendation to wear a mask is waived.

  5. Consideration for sneezing and coughing

    When coughing and sneezing, hold the crook of your arm or a handkerchief in front of your mouth and nose.

  6. Ventilation

    Please ventilate the rooms frequently and regularly.

Precautions to protect against infection

In the event of a positive test result, it is strongly recommended to voluntarily go into self-isolation. The professional and student activities are, as far as possible, carried out from home. Contact with other persons should be avoided.

This is about not putting your colleagues at risk. This applies equally to the students.

In the event of an infection, you will be informed about all necessary steps by the Health Office. Please also contact your supervisor to check whether the service can be provided in the home office. In the event of an illness, the Personnel Unit and the supervisor must be informed.

Information on the infection protection concept can be obtained via the following e-mail address: infektionsschutz@th-ab. de

Details on all measures at TH Aschaffenburg regarding protection against the Corona virus can be found in our infection protection concept.

Comprehensive information about the corona virus can be found on the websites of the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and the Robert Koch Institute.