The Computer Centre offers a variety of IT services to students, faculty, and staff. Additionally, we are a general contact point for any computer-related questions or problems that may arise and are always happy to share our expertise in this area.

At the service point, we can help you with specific computer-related services. We also sell handbooks for various software (more information – in German).

IT support hours serve as an opportunity for comprehensive IT support. We have time for more extensive discussions and are happy to answer any of your queries about computers and IT in general.

Our PC rooms offer 70 modern computer workstations for students.

Some of the things we can help you with:
•    University email account – access, mail client setup, etc
•    Remote server access through VPN
•    IT support and troubleshooting
•    Advice on buying computer equipment
•    Computer setup and software installations
•    Help with your Campus Card
•    Printing