The community at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS) is made up of faculty, staff, and students from many walks of life. Across our diverse backgrounds and interests, we share the following core values:

Focus on students

All of our education, research, and partnership activities are carried out with the personal, academic, and professional development of our students as our absolute priority. We see it as our duty as a leading university of applied sciences to set them on the path to successful careers in their chosen fields.

Excellence in teaching

Teaching is student-focused and fosters the development of key life skills through:

• Service-oriented environment – students are our customers and always come first
• Support and motivation from teachers on an individual level
• Emphasis of links between theory and practice
• Internationalisation as an integrated part of our operations

Industry-focused research

At Aschaffenburg UAS, research is focused on the practical applications of theoretical knowledge. Collaborations with companies and other organisations enable a fluid transfer of knowledge between the university and the business world.

Equality and family

We believe strongly in gender equality and offer child- and family-friendly study and working conditions.

Cooperation based on trust and open dialogue

The principles of collaboration in good faith and the respectful treatment of others are held in high regard, and decision-making processes are communicated openly, with transparent reasoning and motivations.