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Corona Hygiene Concept of TH Aschaffenburg (PDF) (Status: 04.08.2021 - will be updated soon)

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10 September 2021

In the buildings of the TH Aschaffenburg there is a general obligation to wear masks. Therefore, a medical mask must be worn inside the buildings. As before, a minimum distance of 1. 5 m between persons is to be observed.

Courses can be held in person again. The 3G rule applies: In the case of a 7-day incidence of more than 35 in Aschaffenburg, students may only have access to the university’s buildings and rooms if they are in accordance with § 2 No. 4, 6 ExceptionV have been vaccinated, recovered or tested. Therefore, you must be able to present a valid proof of vaccination or genesis or a negative proof of test for the winter semester. PCR and PoC-PCR tests have a validity of 48 hours, PoC antigen tests have a validity of 24 hours from the date of the test. Further information will follow shortly. +++ (details see Hygiene Concept – will be updated soon)

Our library is open again for university members. Masks (medical mask) are required. Access is possible in compliance with the 3-G rule. .On the website you will find up-to-date information on the services offered by the library during the Coronasituation. 

From 4th to 6th October 2021, there will be a vaccination campaign on the campus of TH Aschaffenburg.

The canteen and cafeteria are open and it is again possible to eat on site. Take-away food is still offered there also. During the semester holidays, the canteen and cafeteria are closed.

25 June 2021
For all locations where face-to-face events take place (currently Campus I, II and III), FFP2 masks are required only within the buildings; Employees are still required to wear a medical mask.

14 June 2021
From today it is again possible to eat on site in the cafeteria. It is still possible to take food with you.

11 June 2021
Since the 7-day incidence in the city of Aschaffenburg has been stable below 50 for several days now, as of tomorrow, 12 June, the test requirement for participation in face-to-face events will no longer apply.
Obligation to wear masks on the university campus continues regardless of this.

9 June 2021
On June 5 the 13th BayIfSMV entered into force, which initially applies until July 4, 2021. There are now changed requirements for face-to-face events at universities with the following consequences:

1. Obligation to wearing a mask
For all locations where face-to-face events take place (currently Campus I, II and III), FFP2 masks are mandatory on the premises, i. e. inside and outside the buildings; employees are required to wear a medical mask.

2. Compulsory testing for face-to-face events
As long as the incidence-dependent regulations apply in the city of Aschaffenburg for a 7-day incidence of over 50 (i. e. until the end of this week at least), students must present a test certificate to attend classroom events.
The proof is provided by submitting a written or electronic negative test result from a test station (test centre, pharmacy, rapid test bus), whereby the test must have been carried out at most 48 hours before the event. Persons who have been shown to have been vaccinated or recovered are exempted from testing as long as they do not have typical symptoms of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection (breathing, coughing, fiber, loss of smell or taste). As of tomorrow, 10. 06. 2021, at the beginning of each classroom event, please submit a proof of a test or alternatively a proof of vaccination or recovery. Without such proof, attendance at an on-site event is not possible.

Test offers can be found on the websites of the city of Aschaffenburg and the district of Aschaffenburg.

6 April 2021
From 7 April 2021, the cafeteria reopens and offers only take-away food.

24 March 2021
Due to the current development of the infection process, the courses will be offered in digital form until the end of the summer semester. Events that require special laboratory or working rooms may take place in person according to the current Ordinance on Infection Protection Measures (valid until 28.03.2021).
The exams are expected to take place in summer 2021 partly in face-to-face and partly in (digital) distance exams. The Senate has issued a special regulation for the summer semester 2021, which allows to deviate from the forms of examination provided for in the study and examination regulations.
The legal basis and an up-to-date overview of the most important topics can be found on our page on the Corona special study and examination regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the Study Office or the International Office.

11 March 2021
Our library is open again for university members (for media selection, lending, research, use and individual work). There is an FFP2 mask required. As a rule, the book is returned contactless via the book return flap. The reading room, the research PCs as well as the cloakroom and toilet area are not accessible. To contact our on-campus service facilities, please use until the 30th April 2021 please call or e-mail or make an appointment.

8 March 2021
Our service facilities can be visited until 15. March 2021 only by appointment. Please contact us by e-mail or phone.

4 March 2021
Until the end of the Easter holidays in Bavaria, until 10. April 2021, courses will be offered in digital format. Events that require special laboratory or work rooms can also take place in presence, provided that the current Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (currently up to 7. March) is extended to that effect. We will inform you as soon as possible how the apprenticeship will be run from the 12th April 2021 will be continued. For current information, please refer to the lecture schedules on the intranet. We wish you a good start into the summer semester!

25 January 2021
In order to ensure the best possible protection against infection, effective immediately up to and including 6. February 2021 it is required to use everyday masks on all outdoor areas on Campus I and on the entire parking lot.

22 January 2021
Our library is expected to be reopened from 25.01.21 – but only for the collection of media ordered in advance via an online form (Click & Collect). FFP2 masks are required for pick-up. As a rule, the book is returned contactless via the book return flap.

16 Dezember 2020
On 15.12.2020 the 11th was opened Bavarian Infection Control Ordinance (11. BayIfSMV).With reference to this, in addition to the regulations and measures already taken, from now on only the collection of pre-ordered books is possible in the library of the TH Aschaffenburg. A pick-up time will be communicated with the pre-order. Also furthermore in the library a distance of min. 1,5 m to other persons has to be kept. Mouth-to-nose coverings are still required to be worn in the circulation and service areas of the library. The book return is contactless via the book return flap.

30 November 2020
Now the 9. Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance (9. BayIfSMV) was published. It shall apply from 1.12.2020 until 20.12.2020 inclusive. According to § 21 of the regulation, events at the TH Aschaffenburg can only take place virtually from tomorrow until 20.12.2020. An exception is made for events in the laboratories. Please note the information in the lecture plans in this regard. Learning rooms are closed. The individual rooms of the library can be used for learning.
Our library will remain open for you (see opening hours). Examinations can also continue to be held in attendance.

5 November 2020
On 30. October 2020 is the eighth Bavarian Infection Protection Ordinance (8. BayIfSMV) came into force and the hygiene concept of TH Aschaffenburg was adapted accordingly. The hygiene concept was developed on the following points:

In lecture halls and seminar rooms, laboratories and PC pools, students and lecturers are required to wear masks regardless of the incidence value.
There are no excursions and no university sports.

In the library there is a mask obligation if the distance is less than 1. 5m, the PCs are accessible again, the book return is possible via the book valve, the free-hand magazine is closed for public traffic

Service Points: If the 7-day incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded or if it has been exceeded less than six days ago, a mouth-nose cover must be worn in publicly accessible areas in any case if the minimum distance of 1. 5 metres cannot be reliably met.

For meetings, interviews and trial lectures, the following applies: If the 7-day incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants is exceeded or has been exceeded less than six days ago, meetings should be limited to non-postponeable events and preferably use technical possibilities such as video or telephone conferences.
Masks must be worn in office and administrative premises if the distance of 1. 5m, despite the partition wall, cannot be respected.

23 October 2020
In Aschaffenburg, the 7-day incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has now also been exceeded. Therefore, during the lecture, also in the seat, a mouth-nose cover should be applied. The same applies in rooms such as PC pools, meeting rooms, laboratories, etc.

16 October 2020
In Miltenberg, the 7-day incidence of 35 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants has already been exceeded. Therefore, a mouth-nose covering is required during the lecture, also on the seat. The same applies in rooms such as PC pools or meeting rooms, etc.

1 October 2020
For the winter semester, an individual hygiene concept was developed for the entire university, which is coordinated with the Aschaffenburg Health Department. On the traffic routes in the buildings of the TH AB there is an obligation for all to wear masks. In principle, a minimum distance of 1. 5 m must still be maintained between persons.

In order to be able to trace contacts accurately, a system has been developed that enables a person registration via the CampusCard. All persons are admitted per course. The data is stored in compliance with data protection and deleted after 4 weeks. If necessary, all contact persons can be identified and contacted by the Health Office. In order to be able to follow up the contact if necessary, we send the following urgent requests to you:

  • Bring your CampusCard to all courses, please.
  • Check your e-mail inbox provided by the university for new entries on a daily basis.
  • Check the self-service portal for your phone numbers stored with us and, if possible, enter your mobile phone number there.

The mensa/cafeteria is now also open again. The Mensa Aschaffenburg is operated by the Studentenwerk Würzburg and is a self-sufficient company in the buildings of TH Aschaffenburg. Therefore, the hygiene concepts and the concept for contact tracking differ. The library is also open again at the following times: Monday to Friday: 09:00 to 15:00. Due to the necessary protective measures, there is still limited capacity at individual workstations. On the website you will find information on the course of the library visit and the services offered by the library during the Corona crisis. Please note that group work in the library is still not allowed and organize your study groups in virtual study rooms via zoom.

Please observe the hygiene rules of TH Aschaffenburg in all rooms of the university. These are mainly based on the well-known rule:
distance | hygiene | everyday mask

We wish you a good start to the semester and stay healthy!

20 May 2020
From now on, a general mask obligation applies in the buildings of TH Aschaffenburg.
In principle, a minimum distance of 1. 5 m must still be maintained between persons.

As a precautionary measure, we would like to point out that you may not enter the university if:
• you are infected with the coronavirus,
• you have been in contact with a person with whom the coronavirus has been detected in the past 14 days, or
• you have unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems.

27 April 2020
In order to ensure that our students are able to study and have equal opportunities despite the particular challenges of this semester, a statute with temporary special regulations on study and examination law statute with temporary special regulations on study and examination law has been put into effect. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Services Office by e-mail or telephone. 

24 April 2020
Library: The lending of books from the TH-Bibliothek's holdings is open to members of the university from the 27th to the 20th century. April with prior order possible. Members of the university can return books via the book return flap or send them by parcel to the TH-Bibliothek. The use of the library as a place of learning is not possible until further notice.
On the website you will find up-to-date information on the services offered by the TH-Bibliothek during the Corona crisis.

20 April 2020
As a result of initial relaxations, these regulations will apply from 20 April:
The period of time for post-exam review was extended once again until 30.04.2020. If the review via telephone/video conference is not sufficient, exams can also be reviewed on site from 20.4.2020 onwards. If necessary, please arrange an appointment with the examiner or the dean's office (for lecturer exams).

If you have to go to one of our laboratories to complete your bachelor's/master's thesis, this will generally be possible again from Monday, April 20, 2020. Please discuss this in advance with your thesis supervisor. Please coordinate the dates for going to a laboratory with the laboratory management or a laboratory employee. 

The distancing and hygiene rules must be strictly observed.

Library: On our website you will find current information on the services offered during the corona crisis.

7 April 2020
Study and teaching: Courses from 20.4.2020 onwards will be offered digitally, not on campus or in Miltenberg. On 20.4.2020, the electives and optional courses will also start digitally. We are currently expecting that there will be no physical attendance during the summer semester until 10.7.2020. 

Exams: We are planning an amendment to the General Examination Regulations (APO) for the crisis situation, so that types of examinations can be specified in deviation from the currently valid examination regulations in order to offer fewer written examinations. These are likely to have to comply with hygiene and distancing rules to ensure safety for all. You will be informed in good time about the form and modalities of the examination, once the APO has been decided. To ensure that you do not suffer any disadvantage in this special situation, we advise you on such matters as extending deadlines, facilitating advance arrangements and additional repeat attempts. We are currently planning a three-week examination period starting on 11.7.2020.

20 March 2020
As a further precautionary measure, access to our buildings is restricted to employees of the university. All service facilities are still available for you by telephone or e-mail .
The period for viewing completed exams has been extended until 24 April.
Update regarding Academic Ceremony (was planned for 25.4.2020): Due to the corona crisis the handing over of the certificates had to be postponed. The next handover of the final certificates is expected to take place on Saturday, 7 November 2020 in Aschaffenburg City Hall.

18 March 2020
The Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences and Arts has now published an overview of the most frequently asked questions and the answers regarding the corona virus as it concerns universities, research and cultural life.
FAQ - Basic information on university operations, research and cultural life (status: 18.3.2020)

16 March 2020
According to information from the Würzburg Student Union, the canteen and cafeteria will be temporarily closed from 17.03.2020.

14 March 2020
The library of the university will remain closed for the time being.

13 March 2020
Preparations for online services for students are in full swing
Enrolments in the Moodle courses of the respective courses/semesters will be possible step by step for students next week (week 12) in Moodle.
There will be a comprehensive Moodle course for each study programme, which will be used to communicate registration keys and information for each study programme.
Students will automatically be enrolled in the "overarching" course (Info_Study course abbreviation). 
The Academic Ceremony planned for 25.4.2020 will be postponed - probably to 11.7.2020 (not 100% certain yet).

12 March 2020
Information on courses until 20 April 2020
In general: There will be no classroom sessions until 20 April. Until then there will be no excursions. In this respect, it is not the start of the semester that is being postponed, but the attendance of lectures. Catch-up dates for cancelled practice-related courses will be announced, but cannot take place before April 20th 

  1. The examination period is to remain unchanged. This means that the lecture period will not be extended into the future. Exception: Examinations in elective courses, mandatory elective courses, general scientific elective subjects and specialised elective modules will only take place in the last week of July.
  2. Bachelor and Master theses will continue to be supervised. In theses that have already been registered, the deadline continues to run. New theses can also be registered. The library remains open. 
  3. Lectures are expected to take place on the Friday before and Tuesday after Whitsun. There is no free bridging day on 22 May.
  4. The lecture contents of the first five weeks are to be recorded (without audience), conveyed as e-learning elements or other possibilities will be used to convey the lecture contents. Where available, existing e-learning elements can and should be used. Courses that cannot be recorded and for which e-learning is unsuitable (e.g. lab practicals) will be made up from 20 April onwards. More detailed information on this will follow. Moodle is to be the communication platform for communicating with the students during the first five weeks of the summer semester. Further information will follow.
  5. The period for viewing completed exams will not be extended. Individual appointments should be made with students who wish to see their exams. By making individual appointments, we are trying to avoid too many students having to wait outside the offices at the same time. 
  6. Bachelor theses can still be defended. The same applies to the presentation of the interim research status of the Master's thesis (Master's seminar).

11 March 2020
Teaching must cease on 11 March, so that the practice-related courses can no longer be held as planned from this date.

10 March 2020
In accordance with the decision of the Bavarian Cabinet of 10 March 2020, the start of lectures, i.e. the start of classroom lectures, will also be postponed to 20 April 2020 at the TH Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences in order to counteract a further spread of the virus.