Bavarian Guest Lecturer Programme has successfully gained momentum

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Professor Kanthawongs and Dr. Ortiz-Walthers visited Aschaffenburg UAS as Guestprofessors.

Through the Bavarian Guest Professor Initiative State University of New York (SUNY) Plattsburgh, US and Bangkok University, Thailand sent for the first time professors from their respective business schools to their cooperation partner Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Dr Rowena Ortitz-Walters, Dean of School of Business and Economics at SUNY Plattsburgh and Dr Penjira Kanthawongs, professor at the School of Business of Bangkok University, Thailand were the first professors to be invited to teach at Aschaffenburg University last fall as partners through the Bavarian Guest lecturer initiative launched in 2016 to support the internationalisation of teaching and research at Bavarian HEIs.  Prof Dr. ALexandra Angress,  Coordinator for International Affairs at the Faculty of Business Administration and Law, initiated and launched the two cooperations on site and spoke with Dr Rowena Ortiz-Walters and Dr Penjira Kanthawongs about their impressions of their first visit to Aschaffenburg - and their first visit ever to Germany and Europe.    


What did you teach at Aschaffenburg University?

Rowena Ortiz-Walters: Career Essentials for Working in the United States, Developing a Personal Brand, Online Presence and Growing your network, Leadership and Management
Penjira Kanthawongs: I lectured two classes on BA level: Doing real estate business in Bangkok, Pathum Thani province“ (International Real Estate Management) and „ASEM/EU-Asian Lessons“ in the course „Introduction to the European Union“ along with “Lessons learned from businesses in Thailand” along with one M.A class in International Management on “Case studies of businesses in Thailand from researches of graduate students at Bangkok University.

Was this your first time to Aschaffenburg and what were your impressions?

Ortiz-Walters: This was my first time visiting Aschaffenburg. The Applied University of Aschaffenburg reminded me of our own institution at SUNY Plattsburgh with a military history, diverse student body, engaged faculty and inclusive, welcoming environment. My hosts were tremendously gracious, kept me entertained and well informed on my travels. The city is small just like Plattsburgh with a safe and intimate feel. I welcome the opportunity to visit again!
Kanthawongs: I am impressed with hospitalities of professors, faculty staff and students of Aschaffenburg UAS. The campus is very beautiful during Fall season. The city is very close to Frankfurt, but I love Aschaffenburg more than Frankfurt.

Can you describe your university?  What awaits our students studying there for a term?

Ortiz-Walters: SUNY Plattsburgh is a campus university with a state-of-art building which houses Accounting and Management Information Systems labs. We place a great deal of value on applied learning student engagement, and internship experiences. Student clubs and honor societies sponsor speakers from varous industries and trips including visits to the New York City and Boston financial districts.  SUNY Plattsburgh joined the Institute for International Education‘s Generation Study abroad commitment to increase the number of study abroad students by 2020 and is working to increase mobility to key locations such as Germany.
Kanthawongs: My university has a creative, lively, international atmosphere. Students from Aschaffenburg would receive friendship, knowledge, memorable experience for their visit to Bangkok University and Bangkok or Pathum Thani campus.

Would you have any personal advice to give ?

Ortiz-Walters: My advice for students coming to study at Plattsburgh would be to find a student club on campus to join. This is a fun way to be involved on campus and  they are a major part of the college experience here at Plattsburgh.
Kanthawongs: Prepare for different kinds of weather in Thailand and in Bangkok. Mostly, it is likely to be more humid or warm in Thailand and in Bangkok. Plan ahead for all activities and they will have great times and experiences in Thailand, Bangkok and Bangkok University.



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