Japanese Evening

Category: Englisch

As the first German exchange students at the Hiroshima Shudo University, the first Japanese partner university of the h-ab, a bachelor's and a master's degree student from the faculty of Business Administration and Law of the h-ab reported on their pioneering experience in an informal setting during a Japanese evening held at the university. The talk of the two included information on their student life, but also extracurricular volunteer work that is of particular importance in Japan, leisure activities as well as intercultural challenges and trips to the surroundings of Hiroshima. The presentation on the stay in Japan was concluded with the words “it was totally worth it”.

Among the listeners, there were present and future participants of the Japanese courses offered by the h-ab and members of the German-Japanese Network of Aschaffenburg. While enjoying Japanese rice cake and iced green tea, the audience engaged in a vibrant discussion after the talk and was impressed by the progress in the Japanese language made by the two students during their exchange semester.

The two speakers were also congratulated on these achievements as well as on the trust created at the Hiroshima Shudo University by the Vice Head of the Language Centre, Prof. Dr. Renate Link, who had organised the evening. As a result of the good relations with the Japanese partner university, the first two exchange students from Hiroshima are expected in August 2017 and will spend a whole year at the h-ab.