Exchange Program for Master students in Shanghai

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Prof. Dr. Pei Wang-Nastansky with three exchange students of the h-ab at the Tongji University, Shanghai

​​​​​​​The University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg has built its presence in the Chinese metropolis.

The University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg has built its presence in Shanghai, China. Complementing our bachelor level exchange program, since 2015, 13 students from Hochschule Aschaffenburg have studied at the Master Program of the Chinese-German College for Postgraduate Studies (CDHK) at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. 

During this winter semester 2018/19, we have totally 6 Master students of the h-ab taken the opportunity to set their adventure in Shanghai. Three students from the Master of International Management (MIM) of faculty WR have engaged themselves for the Shanghai Summer School, and another three (see the picture), 2 from MIM program, one from the Masterstudiengang Immobilienmanagement are studying at CDHK for one semester as exchange students. 

Established in 1907 by a group of German medical doctors, today, Tongji with over 35,000 students, is a 1st tier comprehensive university in China. Situated in Shanghai's mega-city environment, serving as a platform between China and German for political, educational, and business exchanges, CDHK of Tongji University has offered our master students a spectacular learning infrastructure to explore the most populated country of the world.

From the past years students experiences, going to China pays off by all means. Every one returned has been filled with profound knowledge, business, and cultural experiences about China. In our fast moving world, China has changed its global role from being the world manufacturer, to eager consumers, then, to business competitors. It has made its way to be the 2nd largest economy of the world in less than 32 years since its open-door policy in 1978. It is the largest buyer of luxury consumer products (not talking about German cars), also meanwhile, the leading AI-investor and innovator. China is a place to understand, to learn, and to try your guts!