Professor from Japan visits h-ab

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The participants of the elective "The (Eur)Asian Challenge" with Prof. Dr. Mitsuko Takei (at the right-hand end of the first row) and Prof. Dr. Renate Link (at the right-hand end of the second row)

Prof. Dr. Mitsuko Takei from the der Hiroshima Shudo University (HSU) presented her university and held several lectures in English

Prof. Dr. Mitsuko Takei from the Japanese Hiroshima Shudo University (HSU), former director of the International Affairs Centre of the HSU and present member of the newly founded Faculty of Global and Community Studies and head of the Global Education Group, came to the h-ab for the first time last week as part of the Bavarian Guest Lecturer Programme after her first stay in March 2016.

Guest lectures in the modules “The (Eur)Asian Challenge” and “Business English”
During her visit, she presented the study opportunities at the HSU and lectured in the following English-taught courses by Prof. Dr. Renate Link, who, together with Prof. Dr. Takei, had given a speech at a conference in Tokyo only in August (cf. current edition of the Campus Aktuell magazine) and who supervised her at the h-ab: In the elective module "The (Eur)Asian Challenge" and in two parallel groups "Business English". Prof. Dr. Takei gave interesting insights into Japanese culture and spoke about the role and influence of the English language in Japan.
Apart from these guest lectures, the agenda included discussions with representatives of both h-ab faculties and the International Office, a meeting with former, current and future incoming students from Hiroshima and outgoing students to Hiroshima as well as members of the German-Japanese Nerwork of Aschaffenburg.

The partnership of HSU and h-ab was formed three years ago
The partnership between the h-ab and the HSU has existed since the beginning of 2015 and was initiated by the h-ab Language Centre. Prof. Dr. Link and the Japanese lecturer Yukimi Gelenk had recruited the HSU in order to give the participants of the Japanese courses at h-ab more opportunities to apply their language skills. Despite the high hurdles (successful completion of Japanese I & II) for one or more exchange semesters or a short-term mobility at the HSU, six students from the h-ab have taken advantage of this possibility so far and two more have already applied. Likewise, the h-ab is also very popular with HSU students: Including the participants of the German intensive courses, eleven Japanese outgoing students have so far been at the h-ab, one of whom is currently spending her exchange year at the h-ab until July 2019.