Visiting professor from Taiwan teaches at TH-AB

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F.l.t.r: Werner Lips (Chinese Lecturer), Prof. Dr. Renate Link (Vice Head of TH-AB's Language Centre), Prof. Dr. J. K. Heinz Wei und Yukimi Gelenk (Japanese Lecturer)

Students in the elective subject "Chinese I"

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences welcomed Prof. Dr. J. K. Heinz Wei 

A guest from the Far East was welcomed to the Aschaffenburg UAS campus last week: Dr. J. K. Heinz Wei, Associate Professor at the Center for General Education of the National Defense Medical Center (NDMC) in the Taiwanese capital Taipei. The NDMC is a military college specialized in the training of medical personnel in the army. Due to the medical and technical orientation of his home university, Prof. Dr. Wei held exploratory talks at the TH Aschaffenburg with Prof. Dr. Michael Möckel, the head of the new "Medical Engineering and Data Science" study course starting in the winter term 2019/20, and offered the prospect of internship and laboratory placements at the NDMC and other Taiwanese institutions. As Director of the NDMC Arts Center and lecturer for German and English, Prof. Dr. Wei also gave interesting insights into the role of general sciences and foreign languages at an educational institution with a technical focus such as the TH Aschaffenburg.

In addition, Prof. Dr. Wei taught "Business English" and "English for Business Travel and Tourism" in the bachelor programs of the Faculty of Business and Law on Taiwan's history, culture, economy and political situation. In the subject "International Competencies: Intercultural Cooperation and Communication" of the Master's programme "International Management", the visiting professor also examined the diverse relations between Germany and Taiwan. 

In his function as a German lecturer, the guest visited two courses of "German as a Foreign Language" and as a native Chinese speaker, he taught Mandarin in the elective subject "Chinese I". There, he was supervised by Mr. Werner Lips, the Chinese lecturer of the TH-AB. After his M.A. studies in Slavic Studies, Sinology and History at the Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg, Mr. Lips himself completed a postgraduate course in Mandarin at the TaiBei ShiDa DaXue (University of TaiBei). Learning Mandarin is a valuable door-opener especially for students of business administration or engineering due to the diverse trade relations between Germany and Taiwan (and of course also Mainland China) as well as numerous attractive Taiwanese companies with locations in Germany. A total of approx. 250 Taiwanese companies have branches in Germany, particularly in the information and communication technology (ICT), logistics/shipping and aviation sectors.

At the Language Centre of the Aschaffenburg UAS, students can acquire language skills in Chinese and Japanese, gain a competitive advantage on the job market through such an additional qualification and prepare for future business relations with Asian partners. Further information on the range of languages on offer at TH Aschaffenburg can be found on our homepage.

Prof. Dr. Wei had been invited to Aschaffenburg by the vice head of TH-AB's language centre, Prof. Dr. Renate Link, who had met him on the occasion of the "International Language Week" organised by Prof. Dr. Link and the TH-AB partner university National Taipei University of Business in the winter term 2018/19. On our website you can get more information on the rotating "International Language Week".