Guest lecturer from Portugal teaches at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

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f.l.t.r.: Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress, Dr. Marco Furtado and Carina Bläser (International Office)

Erasmus+ exchange programme with partner university ISCAP in Porto

Dr. Marco Furtado from the Portuguese partner university ISCAP Porto (Porto Accounting and Business School) has once again this year visited the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (TH Aschaffenburg). He  has given several guest lectures and provided information on opportunities and courses available in the context of an Erasmus+ study visit to ISCAP in Porto. 

In his guest lectures Marco Furtado addressed in particular the topic of ‘Doing business with Portugal/Portuguese’ lecturing students in the English taught courses  ‘Working across Cultures’ (Prof. Angress) and ‘Intercultural Communication’ (Prof. Krauße).  
Marco Furtado, who is involved in teaches in the English-taught Master’s degree course ‘Intercultural Studies for Business’ at ISCAP Porto explains, “My guest lectures feature in particular specific examples of the German cultural heritage and how it gives rise to business opportunities in an intercultural environment, not only in Portugal, but throughout the world. The prime focus here is on the tourism industry as a sector which benefits from such business opportunities.”

It has been several years since Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress and her colleagues in Porto first established the partnership between TH Aschaffenburg and the Porto Accounting and Business School ISCAP-P.Porto. This partnership includes not only guest lecturer exchanges but also, as part of Erasmus+, enables  (French?) two Bachelor’s degree and now also Master’s degree students to study in Portugal or Germany on an exchange basis each semester. "We are planning", says Alexandra Angress, "to further develop cooperation for our English-speaking Master’s degree courses that we each offer, possibly creating a double degree."

EU Programme Erasmus+ 
The Erasmus+ European exchange programme is one of the EU’s greatest success stories. Between 2014-2020 it will have allowed four million young people to experience life in another European country for themselves and, aside from academic, linguistic and intercultural aspects, to forge friendships and future professional networks – in Europe and beyond. 

For many years now, TH Aschaffenburg has taken part in the EU Erasmus+ programme. Under Erasmus+, students are able to study in a different European country and expand their social and cultural experience. In this way they become familiar with the academic system of a foreign university and benefit from that university’s methods of teaching and learning. Almost all of TH Aschaffenburg’s European partner universities take part in the Erasmus+ programme.