TH AB International Language Week Goes West

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Marcel Rother (left) and Prof. Dr. Renate Link (right) at the Study Abroad Fair

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View from the MSUB's student dormitory

1st Event in the USA under the Motto “Global Migration and Mobility”

After the two "International Language Weeks including Intercultural Communication" on the campus of the TH Aschaffenburg in 2015 and 2017 as well as the first ILW abroad after Aschaffenburg’s model at the "National Taipei University of Business (NTUB)" in Taiwan in 2018, the THAB Language Centre acted as co-host of an ILW on the American continent for the first time from 7 to 11 October 2019, namely at the Montana State University in Billings (MSUB).

The annual ILW meeting offers international university partners and lecturers the opportunity of joint courses and workshops in which they can network, exchange best practices and develop new ideas in the fields of linguistics, cultural studies and economics.

"This is a unique opportunity for faculty, students and members of the local community to learn from international academics," said Tami Haaland, an English-language professor and one of the US-conference organizers at MSUB.

Experts from all over the world present
This year's international event, entitled "Global Migration and Mobility", was attended by experts in language, linguistics, cultural studies, literature, history, communication and economics from around the world. Representatives of numerous current partner universities of the ILW network from China, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Macedonia and Japan were present or, as in the case of an Indian university, participated virtually in the conference.

Local speakers from the city of Missoula and the Rocky Mountain College in Billings were also included in the programme of the US ILW. In addition, many renowned members of MSUB made scientific contributions, including lecturers of English, Modern Languages and Communication; all in all, almost 30 presentations were held.

The founder of the ILW in her current format, Prof. Dr. Renate Link from Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, also attended the conference and accompanied it as a guest of honour, keynote speaker and presenter. Marcel Rother from TH AB was also present. Both of them jointly promoted exchange opportunities in Aschaffenburg at the MSUB Study Abroad Fair.

Dialogue with international partners
"I am so grateful for the opportunity for dialogue and learning from our international partners," said Dr. Sarah Keller, MSUB Professor of Communication and Theatre, one of the organisers of the conference. "Our relations with colleagues from other countries help our students to open doors".

Dr. Paul Foster, Head of the Office of International Studies at MSUB, played a crucial role in building the partnership with TH AB that has now resulted in this joint event. "This is an important international conference that demonstrates the global reach of international studies at MSUB," Foster said. "The university offers international study opportunities at all our international partner universities, so this was the first time that many of our partners were at MSUB at the same time. It was also a great opportunity for our foreign colleagues to enjoy the beauty of Montana first hand in the autumn".

Exchanges studies at Montana State University
The latter can also be done by interested students of Aschaffenburg UAS if they apply for one of the four exchange places per semester at MSUB – and all this without the otherwise unaffordable tuition fees in the USA. The “Big Sky Country” Montana is calling with an incomparable view from the student dormitory!

The 5th anniversary ILW will take place in the fall semester 2020 at TH Aschaffenburg, before it makes its way to the Finnish Seinäjoki (Seinäjoki UAS is a joint partner university of TH AB and MSUB) in the spring semester 2021 and to Japanese Kumamoto (the home of the Japanese partner university of the MSUB) in 2022. To be continued ...

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