Virtual pre-Christmas trip to Asia

Category: Englisch

Last Friday, the participants of Japanese I and other students with an affinity for Asia went on a somewhat different Advent trip than usual.

The TH AB Language Centre invited them to two virtual flying visits to Taiwan and Japan; the "tour guide" was Prof. Dr. Renate Link together with Prof. Dr. Sylvana Krauße and the Japanese lecturer Yukimi Gelenk as well as colleagues from the two Asian universities involved.

In the first part of the digital trip, the "travellers" had the opportunity to learn about the Taiwanese country and people through a virtual poster presentation by students from the TH AB partner university National Taipei University of Business. The Taiwanese students were very pleased about the rare "Western" commentaries on their posters by their German fellow students; communicative exchange was conducted in the meta-language English.

This was followed by a short virtual visit to the TH AB partner university Hiroshima Shudo University in Japan. Here, the focus was on multilingualism and the students from both universities had informal discussions in breakout rooms about life on campus and their everyday lives in times of a pandemic. They exchanged ideas in English, German and Japanese: "It was really fun and interesting! (...) Listening to everyone's introduction in Japanese, English or even a bit German was very nice," was how one participant summed up the experience.

The "travel participants" were thus not only able to quench a little of their wanderlust pent up by Covid-19, but their feedback also contributed to the piloting of similar and broader formats in the summer semester of 2021.