First female astronaut visits TH Aschaffenburg

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MINT Day on the campus of the Aschaffenburg UAS offered 200 schoolgirls exciting insights into the world of MINT topics and professions

MINT Day on the campus of the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences (UAS) offered 200 schoolgirls exciting insights into the world of MINT topics and professions

The aim of the action day at TH Aschaffenburg on 11 February 2020, the International Day of Girls and Women in Science, was to get girls and young women excited about MINT subjects and professions (MINT = Mathematics - Informatics - Natural Sciences - Technology) and to encourage them to explore new paths. 
Around 200 schoolgirls from the 9th grade onwards from secondary schools, grammar/high schools, technical secondary schools and vocational high schools from the region had accepted the joint invitation of the Aschaffenburg University of Aschaffenburg, the Regional Management Initiative Bayerischer Untermain and the Employment Agency and took part in the MINT specialist day. 

Having the courage to go your own way as a woman in the work environment
The young visitors listened intently to the stories of astronaut Dr. Insa Thiele-Eich, who spoke about her career and her experiences as a woman in science and encouraged the girls: "Don't be discouraged by setbacks - you can still make it" was her message to the audience, whose numerous questions she answered in great detail. As a motivating example, the mother of three showed that despite the many difficulties in the strongly male-dominated space industry, she did not allow herself to be put off on her career path.

Insa Thiele Eich is one of two women currently preparing to be the first German women to fly into space in 2021. In April 2017, she was selected as one of two finalists from over 400 applicants by the initiative "Die Astronautin” (the female astronaut), which wants to send a German woman on a research mission to the ISS ( for the first time. Insa Thiele-Eich first studied meteorology at the University of Bonn. Today, she works there at the Meteorological Institute as scientific coordinator and conducts basic research for improved climate and weather forecasting. 

Interesting insights into the MINT world
A total of eleven workshops awaited the interested young visitors in the university's lecture halls and laboratories. These were mainly organised by professors from the university, but BayernLab from Bad Neustadt and DLR School Lab from Darmstadt also each offered a workshop. 
The students gained insights into fascinating MINT topics such as automated driving, production automation, vacuum and coating technology, thermal insulation and temperature measurement, thermography, virtual and augmented reality, nanotechnology, physics and biogas. In addition, exhibitors at the "Market of Opportunities" provided information on MINT professions and topics.
The idea for the "MINT Specialst Day" was developed jointly by the Aschaffenburg University, the Aschaffenburg Employment Agency and the Bavarian Regional Management Untermain Initiative. A high-quality and diverse range of educational opportunities in the MINT sector is of particular importance for this industrially oriented region. This is why activities have already been launched at numerous levels and by various actors in the region.