Record numbers as studies kick off at the university

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This year, the Business Administration course has recorded the most first semesters

TH President welcomes the students via video message

Prof. Dr. Oliver Hugo welcomes the MKD students

Lord Mayor Herzing congratulates the first semester students by video on deciding to study in Aschaffenburg

Mentoring teams show the newcomers around the campus

For the first time since 2015, over 900 first-year students begin their studies at TH Aschaffenburg in October

For the winter semester 2020/2021, TH President Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Beck-Meuth welcomed 912 first-year students who will be starting their studies at Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg today.  "For the first time since October 2015, this means that we once again have more than 900 first-year students and the total number of our students has increased to over 3,300," she says happily. "This is remarkable in view of the special conditions and challenges posed by the continuing corona pandemic and is a sign that the university is on a successful path.”

Due to the pandemic, Beck-Meuth addressed her words of welcome to the new students via video message. This time small student groups received these words on campus. The President emphasised the excellent opportunities the university offers with its practice-oriented degree programmes and warmly welcomed the newcomers. In his video welcome address the Lord Mayor of Aschaffenburg, Jürgen Herzing, also assured the students that they are in good hands at the Aschaffenburg University: "Aschaffenburg offers you everything you need to obtain a good scientific education."   

New courses off to a successful start in both faculties 
The number of first-year students in the International Real Estate Management course at the Faculty of Economics and Law (WR) has almost doubled. 148 first-year students start here in October. The new course in Digital Real Estate Management is also very popular - 49 students have enrolled for it.
The subjects of Business Administration (165 first-year students) and Business Administration and Law (130 first-year students) also recorded significant growth this year. 
At the Faculty of Engineering, the courses Industrial Engineering and Management and Multimedia Communication and Documentation occupy the top position with 62 first-year students each, closely followed by the newly added course of Software Design with 56 enrolments.

The courses Mechatronics (43 first-year students) and Renewable Energies and Energy Management with 37 new students are also still in great demand. The renamed degree course Industrial Engineering/ Applied Materials Science and Sustainability (previously Industrial Engineering/ Materials Technology WIMAT) is recording growth with 21 first-semester students.

In the Faculty of Economics and Law, a total of 514 new students are taking up their Bachelor's programmes, while 398 new students are starting in the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (IW). 

Three times as many Master's students
In addition, 109 Master's students have enrolled at TH Aschaffenburg, more than three times as many as in the previous year. The total number of all students, at around 3,350, has thus risen significantly compared to the previous year. 

Student mentors (students in the higher semesters) have prepared and planned the first-semester introductory days in recent months. These take place on the first two days of October, in compliance with the hygiene concept, and are intended to help "first-time students" get started in student life. 
During a tour of the campus, an information breakfast and a panel discussion, the new students receive valuable insights and information about the university and their chosen course of study. Kicking off studies in small groups enables the newcomers to get to know each other better.

Lectures for all students will start on 5 October 2020 as a mix of classroom and online teaching