Awarded for outstanding master thesis

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Nahid Nafez with Minister of State Sibler at the award ceremony in MunichFoto | Photo: © StMWK

​​​​​​​IW student of the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences receives award for master thesis from Minister of Science Sibler 

On Tuesday, September 23, the Bavarian Minister of State for Science and Art, Bernd Sibler, presented the award for M. Eng. Nahid Nafez’ master thesis, which received a 1.0 grade. She completed the master's degree in electrical engineering and information technology in the Faculty of Engineering (IW) at the TH Aschaffenburg. 

For her scientific work entitled "Classification on Neuronal Networks with Machine Learning", Nahid Nafez conducted research in the Biomems Lab of TH AB under the direction of Prof. Dr. Ing. Christiane Thielemann and M. Eng. Manuel Ciba. The second supervisor was Prof. Francisco Rodrigues from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, with whom the Master's graduate maintained a close scientific exchange.

Nahid Nafez's master project is located at the interface between the fields of artificial intelligence and the neurosciences. Her goal was to mathematically describe neuronal networks as they are found in the brain. It is known that the communication of the neural network in the brain can be influenced by drugs. Therefore, Nahid Nafez presented a computer-based process that permits you to distinguish the state of an unaffected and a drug-influenced neural network. 

In biomedical science there are many tasks that can be solved by machine learning. There is great potential in applying these modern calculation methods when it comes to diagnosing diseases or investigating the effects of drugs, e.g. on the brain.

Every year, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Art awards five prizes for outstanding university degrees or doctorates to female engineering students at Bavarian universities. The prizes are endowed with 2,000 euros each. The aim of the award is to honour the impressive achievements of the female students in their field of study and at the same time to encourage other women to study engineering.

"Our country needs qualified female engineers like you more urgently than ever," said Sibler at the award ceremony in Munich. "We can only solve the shortage of skilled workers in the long term if we exploit the full potential of our young academics: male and female. In view of global economic competition, no country can afford to do without the know-how and creativity of women - regardless of their professional field", the Minister of State explained.