Global Connections – In Conversation with TH Aschaffenburg

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Coventry University launches global COIL initiatives and invites international partners for contributions

Coventry University has launched a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) Project and invited TH Aschaffenburg as one of their global partners to participate and contribute. On Friday 4 September Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress and Prof. Dr. Sylvana Krauße offered an online talk in which they shared perspectives of German society and culture in the pandemic. At the end of the one-hour session participants from Coventry’s Global Partner network participated discussed and shared some experience regarding the past semester and discussed approaches for the forthcoming winter term and implications for international student and staff mobility as well as collaborative initiatives as the one launched by Coventry University. A summary of the session can be found here and the session and others can be accessed through the online moodle course of Coventry University. 

The aim of the ‘Global Connections: In Conversation With …’ project is to encourage global connections through cultural conversations. At the time of crisis during a global pandemic, when borders are closed, Coventry University highlights that it seeks to create bridges through conversation by teaming up with a total of 15 partner institution to discuss different elements of culture, and the effect that COVID19 has had upon the world. More on COIL initiatives can be found on the website of the Global Engagement Team of Coventry University. For the upcoming winter term Coventry is planning a virtual Campus tour and has invited TH Aschaffenburg to participate and also share the information (coming soon!)
On that occasion, the new website of the IO of TH Aschaffenburg was also shared including recent testimonials from incoming students last term ( 

The online seminar with Prof. Angress and Prof. Krauße is also one element in their dissemination activities regarding preliminary results and outputs in the framework of the ongoing Erasmus+ project Prominence (Promoting mindful encounters through intercultural competence and experience) in which TH Aschaffenburg is collaborating with six other European universities. In the seminar both presenters highlighted relevant cultural aspects and approaches with reference to the PROMINENCE website with online and blended learning material on culture theories and aspects of communication and leadership that can be accessed as e-book/chapters or input for so called PROMINENCE interactive lessons. The findings of the EU project will be presented in an online workshop end in the coming winter term and coordinated by Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences with the entire European project consortium. We will keep you updated.