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Kyoto City (Image source: Unsplash)

Institute members present three papers at the virtual SIETAR Japan Annual Conference 2021

At the end of November, the 36th SIETAR Japan Annual Conference took place virtually under the motto "Leadership and Collaboration in Intercultural Contexts". SIETAR stands for Society for Intercultural Education and Research and is the largest intercultural association worldwide. The Language Centre of the TH Aschaffenburg has been an institutional SIETAR member for many years.

The TH AB Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIC) TH AB Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIC), which was only founded at the beginning of 2021, regularly participates successfully in intercultural and international conferences. At this year's Japanese SIETAR congress, the institute’s participation was particularly successful, as a total of three contributions from three different institute members were accepted.

Talk on Collaborative Online International Learning
Firstly, the professors Dr Alexandra Angress and Dr Renate Link gave a presentation on "Asian-European COIL: Why think small when you can do BIG X-culture COIL?" – a reflection on their COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) project in the Master International Management with eleven Asian partner universities in the summer semester 2021 (cf. News article Taking collaborative online international learning to the next level)

Presentation of experiences regarding the development of learning games
On the other hand, professor Link and two colleagues from the Japanese Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo (a future TH AB partner university) and the Taiwanese National Taipei University of Business gave a lecture on "COIL 2.0 – From COIL to the Development of a Cross-Cultural Emblems Game". Here, the three professors presented their collaborative experiences from joint virtual lecturing in the past two summer semesters and showed how these are suitable for the development of learning games. The new pan-European subject-specific elective module (FWPM) "Blended Total Immersion Week – Advanced Regional and Transversal Skills" as part of an Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme will build on these findings. For its first implementation in March 2022, the FWPM will focus on gamification and edutainment (cf. flyer).

Contribution by doctoral student Birgit Kraus
Last but not least, Birgit Kraus, associate member of the institute and cooperative doctoral student with professor Link and at the TU Darmstadt, was also represented at the conference. She presented a paper on "Strategic Aims on Internationalisation in German Technical HEIs", which was based on her dissertation project.

The director of the IIC, Professor Renate Link, who also serves as honorary co-leader of the SIETAR regional group Frankfurt - Rhine - Main - Lower Franconia, is pleased about the extremely successful participation of her young institute in the current SIETAR Annual Japan Conference and hopes that the conference, which has now been held several times online due to the pandemic, can finally take place on site in Kyoto in 2022 as planned. To this end, all speakers would willingly accept a real jet lag instead of a virtual one they ‘suffered from’ this time due to the time difference of currently plus eight hours when presenting in the early morning hours.

More information at www.th-ab.de/iik, on the website of the SIETAR Japan Annual Conference and the SIETAR regional group Frankfurt - Rhine - Main - Lower Franconia