Sustainability and Circular Economy were the focus of this year’s Global Master School

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Student Alexandra Lissel (TH Aschaffenburg)

Student Tina Müller (TH Aschaffenburg)

TH Aschaffenburg is looking forward to coordinating the GMS in the next summer term 2022 

This year’s Global Master School took place in virtual format from 14 – 20 May under the coordination of Seinäjjoki of Applied Sciences and centred around the topic of sustainability and circular economy.  More than 40 students and several lecturers from all three GMS partners (SeAMK, UMSL and TH Aschaffenburg) participated in this virtual format. The next Global Master School will be carried out by UMSL and TH Aschaffenburg, respectively (May 2022) along with their GMS and more international partners. 

Prof. Sabrina Weithmann (TH AB) summarises her motivation to join the GMS as lecturer: “Sustainability is an issue of great international importance. We will only achieve long-term success, if we cooperate internationally. That's why I was looking forward to talking about sustainability with the participants at this year's Global Masters School."

Dr. Dario Liberone, who has been the academic director of the programme, summarises the rationale of this year’s short intensive programme: “Sustainability is a key challenge to be addressed by enterprises around the world, at the Global Master Program, MBA students from Germany, Finland and the U.S.A. are getting together to learn and discuss about some of the solutions, Circular Economy, Innovation and Sustainable entrepreneurship. This global challenges demand more than ever global collaboration.“

Tina Müller and Alexandra Lissel, who are enrolled in the Masters’s programme International Management and at Seinäjoki University Applied Sciences as Double Degree students share their experience of participation in this year’s Gobal Master School:

“We decided to attend the GMS in cooperation with Finland because we had heard only good words about it and had already taken part in some lectures held by Finnish professors. We liked the lecture style very much, which is why we finally waited for this specific GMS to take place. When the topic was announced to us, we were even more interested, because it covered a very broad spectrum of topics, which are all especially relevant in times of Corona. The content of the GMS represented a mixture of "working in cross cultural teams", "entrepreneurship", "marketing" and "sustainability management". In review, we can say that our expectations were more than fulfilled. Why? Because it was not a boring lecture or a sitting out of time, but interaction was required. Of course, we were also given technical knowledge, but in a very practical way, so that this was also interesting and instructive. Most of the time we probably spent going through a simulation game, which we played in individual teams against each other. Through the game, we learned what it means to operate sustainably as a company, what areas get affected by it, and what thoughts needs to be considered. This was indeed quite complex and required a lot of coordination within our teams. As the teams were culturally mixed, we were able to directly apply what we had learned in the part "working in cross cultural teams". Another positive aspect of the GMS was the use of a virtual campus. We were not familiar with anything like this before. Each student created their own avatar and found themselves – as the name suggests - in a virtual world that was set up like a university campus. We were able to interact with each other and use some great features. The tool was a welcome alternative to the familiar zoom meetings and was really fun to use.

In summary, the GMS was an enrichment for us, especially in terms of knowledge. Especially the time-consuming study on the topic of sustainability made us think and stayed in our minds. But not only this, because we were also able to establish friendships beyond national borders. We both agree that we can highly recommend the GMS and wish future participants a lot of fun and new insights!”