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# Going North - The North Cape as symbol

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Two anniversaries, new partner universities and a new elective

Northern Europe is one of the absolute dream destinations for many students of TH Aschaffenburg as well as for numerous Germans. There is good news for the group of outgoing students heading north – two anniversaries, a larger selection of partner universities and more targeted preparation for a study abroad or internship semester there.

10th anniversaries of TH AB's partnerships with universities from Finland and Sweden
The year 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of partnerships with the Mid Sweden University (Östersund Campus and Sundsvall Campus; https://www.miun.se/en) and Turku University of Applied Sciences (https://www.tuas.fi/en).
Here are a few statements from representatives of the two partner universities and the TH Aschaffenburg on the occasion of the anniversaries:
To the statements …

Cooperation with further universities in the North of Europe since 2019
In addition to the two Finnish and Swedish anniversaries, TH Aschaffenburg cooperates with other partner universities in the far north: In Denmark, these are the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering (https://aams.dk/en) and the Business Academy Aarhus - School of Applied Sciences (https://www.baaa.dk); in Finland, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences (https://www.seamk.fi/en); shortly before the "Corona break", new agreements were signed with INN University of Applied Sciences in Norway (Lillehammer campus; https://eng.inn.no) and Bifröst University in Iceland (https://www.bifrost.is/english).

New elective prepares students for a study or practical stay in Northern Europe and for working for and with Nordic companies
In times of unquenched longings for travel and postponed semesters abroad, Prof Dr Renate Link and Birgit Kraus have taken the anniversary year and the new partnerships with Iceland and Norway as an opportunity to launch a new (compulsory) elective. Both are pronounced fans and experts for Scandinavia, since Professor Link, who also recruited the new partners in Norway and Iceland in addition to the anniversary partners, has some knowledge of Swedish and Birgit Kraus speaks fluent Finnish. The two lecturers have set themselves the goal of getting even more TH Aschaffenburg students excited about the ‘far North’ and preparing them optimally for a future study or work stay. In their new elective (compulsory) module "Destination North", which will be offered for the first time as a block course at the end of April 2021 and is will be open to all students of the TH Aschaffenburg, they offer an overview of the academic, cultural, political, socio-historical, economic and linguistic diversity in Northern European countries.

This allows students to build a knowledge base and competencies needed for studying or working in the north of Europe. Intercultural virtual exchange with experts and students from the Scandinavian partner universities is also planned. In the elective course, the ability to integrate and adapt academically, professionally and privately in a Northern European country is actively promoted, amongst other things, through taster courses in Finnish and Swedish; the actual language of instruction is German.

More information on "Destination North" can be found in the module handbooks of both faculties of TH Aschaffenburg:
Module handbook faculty business and law
Module handbook faculty engineering sciences