More than 3,400 students enrolled at TH Aschaffenburg as semester starts

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Life on campus again at last!

Students with mentors on the campus tour

Students of the Business and Law (WR) Faculty with Dean Prof. Dr. Webersinke (front left) at the welcome in the tent on campus

Welcoming IW students to the MKD programme

Students of the degree programmes IIM and DIM

Welcoming students to the WI degree programme

With over 900 first-semester students, the number of students at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences reaches a new highpoint in October.

In the winter semester 2021/2022, 909 first-year students will begin their studies at  Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. "We are very pleased that the current Corona situation allows us to welcome you personally to our campus and finally offer real face-to-face courses again," said TH President Prof. Dr Eva-Maria Beck-Meuth, who warmly welcomed the newcomers via video message on Monday.
Due to the pandemic, the first-semester students were again received on campus in small groups.

"Many of those who study in Aschaffenburg also find a job here or in the immediate vicinity," were the motivating words of Lord Mayor Jürgen Herzing, who wished the students at the university a successful start to their studies - also via video message.

All-time high in the number of students
At more than 3,400, the total number of students has risen significantly compared to the previous year and has thus reached its highest level since the university was founded. With 123 international students coming to Aschaffenburg for one or more semesters, the record number already achieved in 2019 was maintained here.

The new degree programme in Business Psychology, which the Faculty of Business and Law (WR) is offering for the first time this winter semester, is very popular and is starting with around 80 first-semester students. The International Real Estate Management degree programme continues to be in high demand, as does the Digital Real Estate Management degree programme, which was launched last year. The Business Administration and Law for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (BWKMU) degree programme, which is offered at the Miltenberg Campus with a blended learning concept, has recorded significant growth with almost 30 students. In the Faculty of Engineering, demand for the Mechatronics degree programme has risen again. More than 50 new students have enrolled in the Software Design degree programme offered by TH Aschaffenburg since the 2020/21 winter semester.

First-semester students for the winter semester 2021/2022 
In the Faculty of Business and Law (WR) 538 new students start their studies, in the Faculty of Engineering (IW) 371 first-year students start their studies. A total of 55 students will start their Master's programme in the winter semester 2021/22. There are a total of 29 students from the Faculty of Engineering (IW). In addition, a total of 87 Master's students had enrolled at TH Aschaffenburg as of the summer semester 2021, 65 of them in the Faculty of WR and 22 in the Faculty of IW.

Introductory days for first-semester students and "Welcome back" for students from the higher semesters
As student mentors, students from the higher semesters prepared and planned the first-semester introductory days. These take place on the first two days of the winter semester and are designed to help newcomers get started in student life. In this way, they get to know the university and their fellow students and can make first acquaintances. 

To mark the occasion, the university has also organised a welcome event for third-semester students on the campus lawn under the motto "Restart: Welcome back!". Here, on 6 October, the students who had started their studies in the middle of the Corona pandemic with numerous lock-downs will have the opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed atmosphere and to exchange personal experiences. In addition, they can get in touch with student organisations and get to know the university's service facilities on site. 

Lectures for all students will then begin on 6 October 2021.