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Marketing simulation Markstrat available for the first time for students of the English-language Master's programmes International Management and Mercuri at TH Aschaffenburg

Almost forty students from TH Aschaffenburg and several partner universities worked together in international teams over several days as part of the marketing simulation Markstrat online - including mainly students from the two English-language Master's programmes International Management (MIM) and Mercuri. Students from the University of Economics in Katowice and the University CEU Cardenal Herrera (CEU), Valencia, were also involved - both Erasmus partner universities of TH Aschaffenburg. The marketing simulation was led by Professor Francisco Suay from CEU in Valencia and supervised by Prof. Dr Justyna Matysiewicz, University of Economics in Katowice.

Putting marketing know-how into practice and strengthening intercultural skills in the process 
With "Markstrat", students in international teams each take over the management of the marketing department of a fictitious company in a B2B market. By making decisions within the framework of the simulation, the students deepen or apply their knowledge, especially in the areas of marketing, strategy and decision-making. Social skills such as teamwork, communication, time and conflict management are trained. The simulation, supported by software on an external platform, enabled the students to reflect on their basic knowledge and apply it in the context of realistic business decisions. Professor Francisco Suay from CEU in Valencia, who led the simulation, explains:

"Simulate working you're your company and having the results available allows you to put into practice your marketing and business knowledge. And working in international teams gives you the opportunity to improve your communications and intercultural skills as if you were working in a multinational company." 

Intercultural team building and reflecting on decisions together
As a prelude to the so-called intercultural workshop, joint team building was on the agenda. This was led by Carina Bläser from the International Office and Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress, initiator of the new international module. The module was offered for the first time jointly for the European Master's programme Mercuri and as Intensive Period Global Management Studies (IPGMS) for students of the MIM programme and was carried out together with other students from the Erasmus partner universities in Valencia and Katowice. 
At the end of the international workshop, which was held online because of the pandemic, all international student teams presented their decisions and experiences to lecturers from the three participating universities.

A highlight for the students
The students responded very enthusiastically, as the following feedback illustrates.
For Chiara Axt, a student in the International Management Master's programme, this Global Master School was one of the highlights of her studies so far: 

 “Together with students from numerous European countries, I was able to put previous theoretical marketing knowledge into practice with the help of the marketing simulation Markstrat. The intercultural teamwork and the diverse and unpredictable outcomes of the simulation game not only helped me to improve my strategic and analytical thinking, it also further developed my communication and teamwork skills in an international team!”

Gaia Falconieri is a student in the four-semester European Master Mercuri - this starts in Katowice in the first semester, then they study in Grenoble, in the third semester the students are at TH Aschaffenburg before they complete the last semester in Valencia. She was also able to gain valuable experience:
”Markstrat simulation is an intense full-immersion experience – this workshop taught me to collaborate with people I never met before building a strong and reliable team. I believe this intercultural workshop was a great opportunity!”

Joint degree planned for the European Mercuri degree programme
With its international Master's degree programme Mercuri, TH Aschaffenburg is a partner in the European consortium of the same name. This consortium received approval from the European Commission in December for an EU Erasmus Mundus Design Measure application to prepare a joint degree. Further information​ ...

The contact person for the Mercuri programme at TH Aschaffenburg is Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress, International Relations Officer for the Faculty of Business and Law.