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Institute for Intercultural Communication at Aschaffenburg UAS

The Institute for Intercultural Communication (IIC) is a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary research and advisory institute at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences. The research institution currently comprises five female professors with a broad intercultural competence portfolio. The institute’s main goal is to scientifically examine intercultural problems and to develop innovative and applicable approaches. The institute promotes intensive exchange between practice and research as well as teaching in the context of interculturality.

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The institute’s goals and key research areas

The concrete goals of the IIC are teaching, learning and research activities fostering and optimising (inter)cultural sensitivity and competence at Aschaffenburg UAS and in internationally active companies. A particular focus of the institute's research activities is the examination of the role of interculturality in the following fields:

  1. Cultural and Communication Studies
  2. Linguistics
  3. Service Sector (especially Tourism, Hospitality, Wellness, Health)
  4. Business Administration, Law and Engineering
  5. Business Psychology
  6. Internationalisation

Bridge between continents and cultures

Bridge between continents and cultures
In the symbolism of the "bridge between the continents" in the west of the Icelandic peninsula of Reykjanes, which spans the rift between the Eurasian and North American continental plates (= Miðlina), the IIC sees itself as a link between continents and cultures.

Members of the institute

Links and Downloads

Presentation of the Institute for Intercultural Communication.

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