Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences offers degree programmes on the bachelor and master level that are in line with the standard European system. In addition to full degree programmes, double-degree programmes are offered in partnership with Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences in Finland.

Although there are many individual modules taught in English, all of our full degree programmes contain many compulsory components in German. Therefore, an advanced level of German language proficiency is a requirement for admission to a bachelor’s or master’s degree programme.

Bachelor’s programmes

Bachelor’s programmes are designed to last seven semesters, or three and a half academic years. This includes one semester doing an internship at a company in a relevant field. Upon successful completion of a bachelor’s programme, students receive either a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law, or Bachelor of Engineering degree.

Master’s programmes

Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree can continue with more advanced study by enrolling on a master’s programme. Master’s programmes at Aschaffenburg UAS are three semesters long. This includes the writing of a master’s thesis based on independent academic research. Upon successful completion of a master’s programme, students receive either a Master of Science, Master of Engineering, or Master of Business Administration and Law degree.

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Work-study degree programme (hochschule dual)

hochschule dual is a German-language programme that offers the chance to combine your studies with in-depth professional experience at a company in Germany. Details are available on the German-language version of this site.