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As a consequence of an increasing world population and growing urbanisation, the real estate markets in large urban areas around the world are experiencing continued growth. There is a corresponding need in the global marketplace for experts in international real estate management. A variety of career opportunities awaits graduates of this programme in the real estate and financial sectors (e.g. real estate buyers/sellers for investment companies and insurances, real estate portfolio/leasing managers, estate agents with international estate agencies, real estate/credit analysts, real estate appraisers, project developers, fund structurers, product managers with banks etc.).

The International Real Estate Management programme also prepares students for freelance careers. The aim of the degree programme is to equip students with knowledge and skills especially with regard to the profitability analysis of international real estate properties, so that they are able to make sound decisions concerning the implementation of project development, investment in existing properties, reconstruction concepts or disinvestment strategies.


The bachelor’s degree programme equips students with the appropriate specialist, method and social competencies which they need later to enter working life or to start a master's degree programme. The International Real Estate Management programme offers an interesting combination of the theoretical, financial and economic principles of real estate at the university and practical in-company training.

Programme structure
The International Real Estate Management course is modular in structure, each module being a self-contained unit taken over a semester. These units are interconnected with each other and structured to achieve an initial broad education in the basic principles, which then serve as a basis for increased specialisation.

Programme contents and specialisation areas
Internationally focussed modules in real estate economics and further education in foreign languages prepare students to launch a career in the global real estate market. In addition to sound theoretical education, knowledge of business administration and real-estate specific knowledge, great importance is attached to the practical orientation of the course. Building on knowledge of the fundamentals of business administration and real estate management, the choice of a specialisation area in the 7th semester enables students to focus on an area of personal interest. Students can choose from the following areas:

  • Inventory Management
  • Property Valuation and Accounting
  • Real Estate Investment Management
  • International Management
  • Project Development

Practical training
During the course, problems from current professional practice are analysed and practicable solutions to their presentation and application worked on. The practical study semester, during which learning takes place outside the university in a business or other professional working environment, also serves to achieve this aim.

Case and project studies into specific real estate projects as well as excursions to interesting real estate locations prepare students specifically for the professional challenges that lie ahead.

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