The concept of the study programme

Blended Learning is a combination of classical teaching and online forms of learning, which can be used at home. It can have a considerable impact on the future of the education sector.

The new study programme at Campus Miltenberg connect traditional lectures at university and new forms of e-learning. Physical presence of the students is required on two days per week in Miltenberg (probable Thursday and Friday).

During the time on Campus students deepen their knowledge, which they acquired through e-learning modules and self-study at home. While they participate in the lectures, students meet the professors and fellow students in physical.

The lectures on campus are supplemented by a socalled self-regulated Phase of the students. They can use this time to refresh and deepen their understanding at home - supported by e-learning modules.

It is possible at any time to contact professors, the programme manager and other students.

Video about programme and blended learning (German language)


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