Language of instruction: German

The bachelor’s degree constitutes a first academic degree which qualifies the graduate to enter a profession. The new study programme „Business Administration for small and medium-sized enterprises“ is designed over seven semesters, including one practical training semester in a company.


Students study six semester at the campus Miltenberg. Four semesters are building knowledge of the fundamentals of business administration, including e.g. human resources management, sustainable management, accounting and financing, marketing. The programme offers an interesting combination of the theoretical principles of business administration and delivers practical training at the university and in companies.

Besides that, the teaching of a business language provides a future-oriented education.

The 5th and 6th semester put the focus on two specialisation of the students. The respective academic specialisation areas enable students to achieve significant expertise in their chosen field. Specialisation areas offered in the programme are e.g. controlling, corporate leadership, finance, real estate management, marketing strategy.


The practical training module, to be completed as part of the bachelor's degree either in the 5th or 6th semester, will take place in a company. During this semester, learning takes place outside the university in a business or other professional working environment.

As a rule, this semester should last from 20 hours up to 26 hours per week. Students having a relevant working experience can skip this practical training semester only on request.



The new study Programme "Business Administration for small and medium-sized enterprises" is designed e.g. for single parents, who want to study and have children at home.


It also aims on people in special life situations. This study programme supports also women in academia and is a huge step if it comes to the compatibility of family and education.  

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