Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary area of engineering sciences that is extremely relevant to modern industry developments and needs. The subject is founded in traditional engineering sciences but also includes electrotechnology and, in particular, information technology.


Programme structure
From the first semester onwards, the class-linked exercises are also completed on computer. Small class sizes and close contact with the dedicated team of professors create a very personal atmosphere. Our teaching is based on numerous thought-provoking laboratory experiments, which give you the knowledge and methods you will later require in your career. You perform all lab experiments first-hand, so you can consolidate the theoretical contents of the course and experience the fascination of technology directly. The project work, which involves you working on an application-based project with other students, enables you to familiarise yourself thoroughly with industrial working methods.

Programme contents and specialisation areas
The programme covers the development and technical implementation of integrated mechanical electronic systems that are marked by a certain degree of “intelligence” and by autonomous operation. The aim of the course is to enable graduates to analyse complex physical-technical relationships, to describe, model and simulate them using methods from engineering, electrotechnology and information technology, and to develop mechatronic systems. The central task facing students is the optimum design of a whole system.

Practical training
You will study in a new building complex on campus, which houses ultra-modern computer and laboratory equipment that guarantees a state-of-the-art education. A computer centre with high-performance connection to the science network is available to all students on the programme. During the work placement portion of the programme, you will have the chance to gain additional practical skills at a company of your choice. The various languages on offer at Aschaffenburg additionally prepare you for a world of work where globalisation and internationalisation have become critical factors. Aschaffenburg UAS has cooperation agreements with European and non-European universities which offer you the opportunity to gain experience abroad during your course of study.


For academic questions:
Prof. Dr Martin Bothen

For general questions:
Ms Windisch or Ms Stais