Highly qualified graduates of Industrial Engineering are an important factor for companies in global competition. Experts at the interface between technology and business issues are urgently needed to cope with the foreseeable economic and social challenges. The overall objective of the "Master of Science in Industrial Engineering" program is the qualification for independent, scientifically based project work in the fields of industrial engineering and related disciplines.

Master Projects

The program is characterized by a coherent project which is integrated in the applied research and development activities of the faculties of Engineering and Business Administration and Law of the  University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg. Technical and methodological qualifications and especially practical training of personal skills such as teamwork, communication skills, language skills, internationality and presentation skills constitute the specific focus of the program.

Programme Structure

The implementation of a practical research project for a period of three semesters is the main constituent of the program. Here, the future master is qualified for independent science-based project work, improves interdisciplinary key qualifications through practical experience and acquires in-depth problem-solving skills. The student works within a team in a research network of leading companies and universities and receives individual support from the project leading Professor and in seminars. This programme meets the demands of the labor market for highly skilled and project experienced engineers in an ideal way. Additional lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg and the Virtual University of Bavaria (VHB) deepen scientific, technological, information technology, logistics, business administration and economics and interdisciplinary competences. There is a variety of choices for the optimal individual combination of subjects, depending on education, research project and desired qualifications.



Faculty of Engineering:
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Head of Degree Programme
Prof. Dr. Michael Eley