Project work

Development Project of a TricycleThis Project is training student’s competences in the field of product development. It’s including selection of target customer group and trike concept also marketing and sales analysis.
Intercultural Aspects and Communication in Marketing a Tricycle in Different CountriesThe project is about intercultural aspects and communication while marketing the product which will be created by the group “Product Development Project of a Tricycle.
Current Issues of Islamic FinanceThe aim of the course: to teach students main features and problems of Islamic Finance: - Islamic Finance place in modern financial system (conventional finance, corporate finance, islamic finance and digital finance) - Fundamentals of Islamic Finance - The absent of Shariah-compliant money system - The problem of Islamic Banks liquidity management (the conventional way is not sharia complain) - The problem of Stock Exchange trading (speculation is prohibited in Islam) - The problem of investment decision making (DCF model includes an interest rate) - Prospects of Islamic Finance (competition with Internet Finance)
Elaboration of a technical-commercial offer The object is to obtain competences in project management and to integrate them while elaborating an offer for a specific project. The group will work out e.g. a cost calculation, a planning and others. At the end the students will discover cultural aspects on France.
The AirportThe Airport will be about working on various aspects of project management from planning a project to successful implementation of it. While learning project management skills through a challenging and complex case study, the students will also learn team-working and communication skills.
Personal branding in the digital ageWhat is a personal brand? • What can people get from creating their brand? • Does STP concept work for personal brands? • Personal brand identity vs. image. What are the steps to building a personal brand? • Which ingredients make a successful personal brand? • Public speech as a tool for personal brand promotion. • How do personal brands differentiate themselves in a digital era? • What are the crucial differences between an online consumer and an online personal brand if any? • Personal branding in LinkedIn. How to write an attractive CV and a motivational letter. • In the modern world everybody has a right and, on the other hand, responsibility of having an audience. Can everybody become a brand nowadays? If you are thinking about becoming a brand now or in future, apply for this course
Onshore Wind TaiwanUnder guidance of a former senior banker, students will learn to understand and evaluate risks in project finance as well as structure and model such financing based on a real life case study used in assessment center of international bank. Two active project finance bankers are participating in the session of financial structuring including cash flow modeling.