No matter if exchange student or international degree seeking student there are some steps to take before you can start your studies at our university.

Health insurance

It is mandatory as a student to proof health insurance cover for your entire studies for enrollment at Aschaffenburg UAS. Student applicants can sign up for statuory health insurance or private health insurance. In some cases, health insurcance cover from students' home country can be recognised, but approval and special certificate from local health insurance will be needed.

More information about health insurance cover for international students in Germany could be found also on DAAD's website.

Student fee

You will pay €60.00 Studentenwerk contribution (=basic contribution). With this money all services provided by the Studentenwerk are paid jointly and severally by all students.

Student visa

Depending on your country of permanent residence, you may need a visa in order to come to Germany for studies. Based on your home country, certain guidelines will apply for your application. For instance, you may need to receive your Letter of Acceptance before you can begin your application, and you may need to apply for and receive your visa before entering Germany.

Please visit the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) website for information on which nationals will need a visa and official guidelines on how to apply.

Please note that Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences does not issue visas, nor can it assist with the issuance of your visa.