Research Office

The research consultants at Aschaffenburg UAS support companies and scientists in planning and implementing their projects. They assist them thoughout the whole process: From the project idea, through planning and financing, to the patenting of innovations.

The Research Office of Aschaffenburg UAS as contact for research cooperations

Funding programmes on state, federal and European level make an important contribution to the innovative power of universities. The research consultants at Aschaffenburg UAS provide comprehensive information on suitable framework programmes and calls for proposals including support in the application processes for fundings.

Research Consultants

Dr.-Ing. Tilo Gockel | National Research Management

National Research Management

Dr.-Ing. Tilo Gockel coordinates research projects with industry and commerce as deputy director of ZeWiS. He is responsible for the patents division and is the contact person for funding options on state and federal level.

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Dr. rer. nat. Heike Bruhn | International Research Management

International Research Management

Dr. rer. nat. Heike Bruhn is head of International Research Management at Aschaffenburg UAS. She is the contact person for initiating international research cooperations and applying for European funding programmes.

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