KIProBatt: Intelligent battery cell production with AI-supported process monitoring

Sub-project: Hybrid process modelling by integration of an AI-based anomaly detection into a physical-technical process simulation

Battery cell production should be more efficient
Project Management: Prof. Dr. Michael Möckel
University: Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Research Area: Materials
Project Duration: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2023

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For process monitoring in a battery cell production plant, a hybrid simulation that combines elements of a multi-scale simulation with data analytics methods (HYPASIM sub-project) is created. The hybrid model will be integrated into the generic system architecture of the overall KIproBatt project at the level of Analytics Services. It uses the process and sensor data of the plant provided at the semantic level. Therefore, the data is first analysed with Machine Learning and AI methods and the methods developed for this purpose are then combined in an AI toolbox. The non-data-based (physical) part of the hybrid model is defined from a process model.

The project implementation takes place in the Lab for Medical Informatics and Simulation (German information available).


The aim of the KIProBatt research project is to reduce reject rates in battery cell production and thus make production processes more efficient. Thus, the project contributes to increasing sustainability in terms of energy and material consumption. The results are to be commercially utilised in collaborations with industrial companies, especially in the field of battery cell production, and for application in the Münster Research Factory.

Project Members


German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


Are you doing research on integrating AI methods in physical or technical simulations and models as professor, postgraduate or student? If you are interested in research cooperations we will be happy to identify our cooperation potential. Please feel free to contact the Research Office for general enquiries or for information on currently available financed positions or PhD programmes. Prof. Dr. Möckel is happy to respond to research related questions (preferably by email to Michael.Moeckelth-abde).

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