Application-oriented Research for a Strong Future

How can we use key technologies such as artificial intelligence or functional materials in such a way that they make our everyday lives easier, conserve resources and increase road safety? How can we transfer scientific expertise to entrepreneurial practice and sustainably secure competitiveness and thus livelihoods?

As a research-intensive university of applied sciences, Aschaffenburg UAS makes an important contribution to securing Germany as a research location. In the focus areas of Intelligent Systems, Materials, Information & Innovation Management and Business & Law, interdisciplinary teams at  Aschaffenburg UAS work on application-oriented research projects for a strong future. The consistent transfer of technology and knowledge to industry and business is of central importance for all research projects.

International Research Consortia

Scienticst from Aschaffenburg UAS and partner universities

The research teams of Aschaffenburg UAS warmly welcome international scientists for joint projects. With a broad network of international partner universities and close cooperations with international research institutions we promote scientific exchange across geographic borders.

We are offering a broad variety of collaboration opportunities for students interested in science, doctorates, post-docs, scientists and companies.

We are looking forward welcoming you at Aschaffenburg UAS - physically or virtually!

Excellent research conditions

Students of Aschaffenburg UAS in the laboratory of the research-strong university

Aschaffenburg UAS enjoys a particularly strong research record. Compared to other UAS, Aschaffenburg UAS achieves far above-average third-party funding income, which our scientists obtain by working on publicly funded projects and in the form of industrial contract research.

This enables the provision of excellent technical infrastructure in laboratories and institutes and at the same time benefits a highly application-oriented and up-to-date teaching.

Find our more about our research projects in Intelligent Systems, Materials, Information & Innovation Management and Business & Law and how we assure consistent transfer of technology and knowledge into practice.

Research in Bavaria

Aschaffenburg UAS for a research stay in Bavaria

As a research-intensive university with excellent research infrastructure Aschaffenburg UAS offers great opportunities for international scientists to start their individual career path in Bavaria and Germany.

The initiative Research in Bavaria (joint initiative of bavarian universities and the bavarian Ministry of Science) facilitates international scientists the planning of their research stay in Bavaria. On their website interested scientists will find helpful information for their start in Bavaria and inspiring testimonials from peers.

Find out more about living & researching in Bavaria


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