Research and beneficial cooperation

In addition to expanding and securing the university's reputation in the field of applied research and technology transfer, the primary goal of the ZeWiS research institution (since its founding in 2011) is the participation of companies from industry and business in scientific findings. Through application-oriented research projects and targeted knowledge transfer, these companies can further expand and sustainably secure their individual competitive advantages. The services offered by ZeWiS are in the focus areas of Materials, Intelligent Systems and Information Management.



At ZeWiS, research is carried out on projects from the research area Materials

In the research focus Materials, scientists work on projects on the topics of Materials Testing, Clean Tech and Innovative Material Processing. The task group Arbeitsgruppe Angewandter Lasertechnik und Photonik ( ALP - Applied LAser Technology and Photonics) is represented at ZeWiS by the Laser Applikationszentrums (LAZ - Laser Application Centre), the Zentrum für additive Fertigung (ZAF - Centre for Additive Manufacturing) and the Open Innovation Lab (OIL). The Open Innovation Lab's focus is primarily set on strengthening the competitiveness of the regional economy by providing cutting-edge technology in the field of Laser Materials Processing, Additive Manufacturing, Materials Testing and Metrology.


Information Management

mainproject digital: Strengthening companies in the Lower Main region

The research and work focus "Information Management" at ZeWiS includes the knowledge transfer project of the European Social Fund (ESF)  "mainproject digital“. mainproject digital aims to strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Bavarian Lower Main region in particular and takes up topics and trends primarily in the context of Digital Transformation in the form of networking events, workshops and publications. In addition, mainproject digital is in close dialogue with decision-makers within the framework of individual consulting projects in order to convey knowledge available at the university and to enable targeted implementation in business practice.


Intelligent Systems

The ZeWiS serves to research new Intelligent Systems

In the research focus Intelligent Systems, interdisciplinary teams at ZeWiS conduct application-oriented research in the subject areas of Intelligent Mobility, Intelligent Sensors & Signals, Electronic & Electric Drives, Robotics & Automation, Clean Tech as well as Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. Within the research topic "Intelligent Mobility", for example, the competence centre "Competent Control", together with partners from the industry, deals with innovative vehicle control and vehicle safety systems as well as predictive and autonomously acting pedestrian protection systems. The task group "Intelligent Sensors & Signals", in turn, is researching AI-supported perception for the interpretation of human and machine behavioural patterns.

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