We will be glad to collaborate with you on a joint research and development scheme, either as a funded project or an industrial research assignment. We offer scientific support and consultation in the following areas:

Development of vehicle control systems (e.g. modern suspension control systems, regulation of active suspensions)

Mathematical modelling for vehicles

Driving dynamics simulation based on Matlab/Simulink

Development of innovative vehicle safety systems

Development of test procedures and facilities for innovative vehicle safety systems

We also support you in the reproducible implementation of road trials, e.g. for testing vehicle safety systems or environmental sensors for driving dynamics testing (such as the ISO lane change).

Our range of services comprises the following: 

  • Provision of a vehicle guidance system including the sensors and actuators required for automated implementation of driving tests. (Only a short set-up time is required to integrate the system in your vehicle.)
  • Provision of our research vehicle and vehicle guidance system including the sensors and actuators required.
  • Technical support in planning and carrying out the test runs.
  • Fast, flexible track planning in advance on a standard PC
  • High degree of track guidance precision up to the lateral dynamic threshold
  • High degree of reproducibility in driving tests