The development and testing of electronic power converters for electric drives and electrical energy supply is one of several research focus areas of the laboratory for power electronics, electric motors and drives at Aschaffenburg University. The laboratory has a well-equipped infrastructure for studying power electronic systems and drives with outputs of up to 100 kW. Equipped with a several different test rigs for electric drives, energy storage devices and power electronic converters, ZeWiS offers the possibility of collaboration on application-oriented research and development work (see box).

A test bench for energy storage devices and power electronic components has been developed so as to be able to assess the suitability of such devices for use in electrically-powered vehicles such as fork-lift trucks and other high-performance applications. The basic idea of the test bench is to test and qualify electrical energy storage devices, i.e. batteries and power packs, but its high performance capacity also makes it suitable as a test environment for applications from the area of high-current electronics. Charging devices, DC/DC converters and electronic battery protection systems can be tested and optimised, for example, and current patterns can be defined at will up to a maximum level of 1200 A. What is more, a climate chamber is available which allows application-oriented tests to be carried out on batteries and other components in the appropriate conditions.



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