The aim of the research area "Energy Efficiency" is to assess existing commercial and local authority properties in terms of their energy efficiency and environmental impact and to increase energy productivity so as to make more effective use of existing potential in non-residential buildings.

While this procedure has been part of the state of the art for years for residential buildings under the name of "Energy Performance Certificate", buildings on industrial estates are often heterogeneous in terms of their age structure and therefore their energy technology, too. This research project is being conducted in close collaboration with a number of Bavarian colleges and universities and focuses not just on efficiency but also on the issue of energy storage and provision. An expert database is being created in this connection in the form of e-learning software. This is used to publish research outcomes and experience of Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences in the field of energy efficiency for the benefit of participating SMEs.

The knowledge transfer between companies and the university on the newly established platform enables companies to present improvements, findings and suggestions relating to existing outcomes. ZeWiS offers the following services for interested companies:

  • Energy measurements
  • Thermographic analyses of building shells and electrical appliances
  • Prepare concepts for energy and cost savings

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