WindEFCY - Efficiency measurements of wind turbines

In this European project led by the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB) in Braunschweig, 11 international partners are working together, including Aschaffenburg UAS.

guideline for determining the efficiency of wind turbines on test stands
Project Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Teigelkötter
University: Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Research Area: Intelligent Systems
Project Duration: 01.09.2020 - 31.08.2023

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The task of the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences is to implement the algorithms, already researched by M. Eng. Alexander Stock and Prof. Dr. - Ing. Johannes Teigelkötter, for the calculation of the power of non-sinusoidal currents and voltages in a calculation programme. Furthermore, it is planned to develop algorithms for calculating mechanical quantities from the measured electrical quantities and to also incorporate them into a calculation programme.


The aim of the three-year project is to predict the energy generated by planned wind farms, provide increased security of investments and to accelerate the transition to cleaner sources of energy.


Within the framework of this research project, a guideline for determining the efficiency of wind turbines on test stands is being created for the first time. In the process, standardised guidelines for determining turbine efficiency on test stands will be developed and new performance measurement methods for the electrical components of wind turbines will be developed.

Project Members


European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research EMPIR 


Are you researching on a similar topic as professor, postgraduate or student? We will be happy to identify our cooperation potential. Please feel free to contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Teigelkötter by phone (+49 6021/4206-809) or mail to Johannes.Teigelkö

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