Krini, Mohammed | Intelligent Systems

Research Area:
Intelligent Systems

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Faculty: Engineering

E-Mail: Mohammed.Krinith-abde
Phone: +49 6021/4206-517

Areas of Expertise

Research Labs & Institutes

Research Projects

Vespah Improving Speech Intelligibility

Vespah Improving Speech Intelligibility

IntelligentMobility   ArtificalIntelligenceDataSciene   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Improving speech intelligibility in vehicle interiors using digital real-time signal processing.


VerSpiFah Acoustic Voice Signal Enhancement

VerSpiFah Acoustic Voice Signal Enhancement

IntelligentMobility   ArtificalIntelligenceDataScience   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Improved voice communication in moving vehicles. Development of advanced methods for speech signal enhancement.


KAnIS Autonomous Intralogistric Systems

KAnIS Autonomous Intralogistric Systems

ArtificialIntelligenceDataSciences   ElectronicElectricDrives   RoboticsAutomation   IntelligentMobility   IntelligentSensorsSignals

Network and automate industrial trucks in order to optimize profitability, efficiency and safety. Development and application of interdisciplinary methods and tools.

Curriculum Vitae

since 2020Aschaffenburg UAS, GermanyResearch Professorship
since 2016Aschaffenburg UAS, GermanyProfessorship
2013 - 2016paragon AG, Delbrück, GermanyHead of Acoustics R&D
2012 - 2016Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, GermanyLecturer: Neural Networks
2011 - 2013Nuance Communications Deutschland, GermanySenior Research Engineer
2009 - 2011SVOX Deutschland, Germany (spin-off from ETH Zurich)Research Scientist
June 2009Technical University Darmstadt, GermanyDoctorate in engineering (Dr.-Ing.)
2005 - 2009Harman / Becker Automotive Systems and TU Darmstadt, GermanyResearch Associate
2003 - 2005Technical University Darmstadt, GermanyGraduate Engineer
1999 - 2003Rhein-Main University, GermanyDiplom Engineer

Interest in Interdisciplinary Research Topics

  • Human-machine interaction
  • Autonomous driving
  • Medical technology
  • Human-robot collaboration


  • Seitz, Christopher, Krini, Mohammed, 2019. DNNs versus Codebooks based Spectral Envelope Estimation for Partial Reconstruction of Speech Signals. In: Workshop on Speech and Audio in the Northeast (SANE’19), New York.
  • Krini, Mohammed, Madhu, Nilesh, 2019. Generalized Refinement of Short-Term Fourier Spectra in Time- and Frequency Domain and its Combination with Polyphase Filterbanks. In: IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology (ISSPIT'19), Ajman.
  • Krini, Mohammed, Madhu, Nilesh, 2019. Improved F0 Estimation by Generalised Spectral Refinement Applied to DFT-Modulated Polyphase Filterbanks. In: International Symposium on Embedded Computing and System Design, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. ISBN 9781728141770.
  • Seitz, Christopher, Krini, Mohammed, 2019. Schätzung der Spektralen Einhüllenden - Ein Vergleich von Tiefen Neuronalen Netzen und Codebüchern. In: 20th Electronic Speech Signal Processing Conference (ESSV ’19), Dresden.
  • Seitz, Christopher, Krini, Mohammed, 2019. Spectral Envelope Estimation Based on Deep Neural Networks and its use for Speech Reconstruction. In: 45th German Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA’19), Rostock.
  • Krini, Mohammed, Rachor, Alexander, 2019. DFT-Filterbanks with Spectral Refinement and its Comparison with Polyphase Filterbanks. In: 23rd International Congress on Acoustics (ICA'19), Aachen.
  • Herbert, Matthias, Mirza, Zafar Baig, Krini, Mohammed, 2018. Real-Time Implementation of an Adaptive Beamformer-Postfilter System for Seat belt Microphones on Sharc ADSP-21489. In: 44th German Annual Conference on Acoustics (DAGA’18), München.
  • Krini, Mohammed, Mirza, Zafar Baig, 2018. An Adaptive Beamformer-Postfilter System for Seat belt Microphones and its Efficient Implementation on Sharc ADSP-21489. In: 16th IEEE International Workshop on Acoustic Signal Enhancement (IWAENC ’18), Chiyoda, Tokyo.
  • Krini, Mohammed, 2017. Refinement Methods as Preprocessing or Postprocessing for Short-Term Spectra Analysis. In: 19th Electronic Speech Signal Processing Conference (ESSV ’17), Saarbrücken.
  • Rajan, Vasudev Kandade, Krini, Mohammed, Schmidt, Gerhard, 2016. Signal Processing Techniques for Seat Belt Micro-phone Arrays. In: EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing.
  • Krini, Mohammed, Mirza, Zafar Baig, Rodemer, Klaus, 2016. A Practical Beamformer-Postfilter System for Microphone Arrays on Seat Belts. In: 12. ITG Symposium Speech Communication (ITG’16), Paderborn.

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