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Quickfix Internships in Germany

Find an internship in Germany and upskill yourself!

Schulten, Ernst

spaces available

Course without deposit

Fri, 19.03.2021, 18:00 - 19:00

Virtually via Zoom

QuickFix "Internships in Germany"

Every country has its own traditions. This also holds true in how you apply for a job position. However, sometimes the traditional way is getting replaced by fast-paced business and its new standards. This session will be more specific about how to apply in Germany.

We will share an example of a CV and look at what matters and should be on your CV. Also, we will discuss if it is necessary to have a motivational letter besides your CV when you are applying. And if so, we will look into the formatting and how we can avoid mistakes to give the best possible impression about ourselves when applying.

Ernst Schulten will guide you through numerous websites dedicated to internship listings that can make the process of finding an internship much easier. As well as listings of available positions, there is also an element of support to looking online. Beyond just providing job listings, many websites offer advice or tips for those searching for an internship, and helpful content like interviews with recruiters and Q-and-As with other interns. Often these sites also highlight any events or job fairs that may be taking place and have a regular newsletter that goes out to job and intern-seekers.

In this Quickfix Ernst Schulten will show you how to find, apply and successfully keep an internship in Germany - depending on your skills.

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