Name: Chandeni Merhai
Home country/ city: Rhoon, the Netherlands
Degree program: International Business and Languages

Studying in Aschaffenburg is quite a experience on itself. Compared to the other big cities in Germany it is quite small but that is the thing international students love about Aschaffenburg. Everything is near, the surroundings are beautiful. Because it is smaller then others you will meet and know a lot of German people in no-time. You won’t feel bored any minute, day or weekend because the area has a lot to offer. For example: Schloss Johanissburg, Schönbusch, the Spessart. The public transport is good, because of that other surrounded cities and village are easy accessible.
The German students are very helpful and I learned a lot from them and they from me. The courses were interesting to follow.

Name: Yi-Rong Chen
Home country / city: Taiwan
Degree programme: business and law

Read Yi-Rong Chen's Full Testimonial: Link

Name: Arto Haikonen
Home country / city: Finland/Valkeakoski
Degree programme: Automation Engineering

School has very good environment for study and place is very beautiful. International office does their jobs very well and help you always when you have problems.

Name: Adam Bogdan
Home country / city:  United States of America, New York, Saratoga
Degree programme: International Sales

My semester in Aschaffenburg was the best time of my life!  I met tons of new people, experienced several interesting things, and saw many new places.  Aschaffenburg is the perfect place for a study abroad.

Name: Mohammad Haswa
Home country / city: German Jordian University, Amman, Jordanien

I enjoyed last semester a lot in the university of Aschaffenburg, I loved the city and the atmosphere. It has everything I wanted and it was like a second home for me. I am now in my last weeks of my internship in München and I am having a great time too. I honestly can say, this was one of the best years in my life.