Marie Caroline Oetzel, Prof. Dr.
Professor Studiengang Medical Engineering and Data Science

Telefon: +49 6021 4206 563
Fax: +49 6021 4206 600

Raum: C1/04/109

Lehrgebiete/teaching areas

Operating Systems and Networks
Medical Information Systems
Information Security in Healthcare
Digital Security, Privacy Rights and Surveillance Self-Defense

Fachgebiete/research areas

Information Security in Healthcare
Strategic Enterprise Security Management


Marie Caroline Oetzel, Sarah Spiekermann: A systematic methodology for privacy impact assessments: A design science approach. EJIS 23(2): 126-150 (2014).
Marie Caroline Oetzel, Sarah Spiekermann: Privacy-by-Design through Systematic Privacy Impact Assessment - A Design Science Approach. ECIS 2012: 160.
Marie Caroline Oetzel, Sarah Spiekermann, Ingrid Grüning, Harald Kelter, Sabine Mull: Privacy Impact Assessment Guideline for RFID Applications. BSI 2011.
Barbara Krumay, Marie Caroline Oetzel: Security and Privacy in Companies: State-of-the-art and Qualitative Analysis. ARES 2011: 313-320.
Marie Caroline Oetzel, Barbara Krumay: Differentiating Privacy and Security: A Content Analysis of B2C Websites. AMCIS 2011.
Marie Caroline Oetzel, Tijana Gonja: The online privacy paradox: A social representations perspective. CHI Extended Abstracts 2011: 2107-2112.
Franz Rothlauf, Marie Oetzel: On the Locality of Grammatical Evolution. EuroGP 2006: 320-330.


01.09.2020 bis heute: Professorin für IT-Sicherheit | Technische Hochschule Aschaffenburg
01.05.2014 bis 31.08.2020: Principal IT Security Expert | Europäische Zentralbank, Frankfurt am Main
01.06.2013 bis 30.04.2014: IT Security Consultant | Accenture GmbH, Kronberg
01.12.2009 bis 28.02.2013: Universitätsassistentin prae doc | Institute for Management Information Systems, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
01.08.2008 bis 30.11.2009: Lead Product Manager | InterComponentWare AG, Walldorf
01.10.2005 bis 31.07.2008: Product Manager IT & Application Security | InterComponentWare AG, Walldorf