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Exchange students come to Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences for one or two semesters within the framework of an exchange agreement.

Who may apply for exchange studies?

To come to Aschaffenburg UAS as an exchange student, your home university must have signed a formal exchange agreement with Aschaffenburg UAS. Please contact your coordinator at your home university to enquire if such an agreememt exists and if you can be nominated as an exchange student. Application is only possible after your coordinator at your home university has nominated you for exchange studies at Aschaffenburg UAS via email.

How to apply

Once your home university has nominated you, you will receive further information by email. All exchange students are required to submit a formal (online) application by 1 June for the winter semester or full academic year, or by 1 December for the summer semester.

  • portrait of incoming Melania

    Melania from Poland: "Semester in TH Aschaffenburg was for sure the best time in my whole student life. Living on the campus was such a convenient and amazing experience not only because of having a university close to where I lived but also because of being part of a place where all of the students are concentrated in one place and the possibility to meet new people easily was fantastic! Despite an amazing social life, the university is very helpful and extremely organized which helps in the adaptation process. The atmosphere there is cozy and I felt very warmly welcomed and treated for the whole time. This place is my second home, my place on earth and although I left I am sure that I will be coming back very often."

  • portrait of incoming David

    David from Chile: "Astounding experience, the student dorms make the college-student life completely different as how it is in Chile, since we are all living close to each other, and there are common rooms as places to share with crowds of people. However, because of covid, meetings were gradually reduced over time due to restrictions imposed. The international office organizes several events and games to gather the international students, they take concern if there is a problem and will try to help as much as possible. The city is amazing; clean, beautiful, an incredible castle aside of the river, and everything is close if you have a bike. I regret not buying the bahncard ticket at the beginning of the semester, because trains are not that cheap, and within a semester it should pay off. If I had a feasible opportunity to stay more than one semester, I would have done it without hesitation."

  • portrait of incoming Gaia

    Gaia from Italy: "Being an exchange student at AUAS is amazing! The university has always supported us throughout all processes. First things first they assigned me a buddy, who helped me to register to the Town Hall and who was a kind of mentor, always there to support and help me. The international office takes care of its international students, Carina guided us through the bureaucratic things, sending us to-do lists, preventing us from forgetting important documents and deadlines! She was also always keeping us updated concerning new covid restrictions, sending an English translation of them. Moreover, the international office and the student association help students to integrate, organizing parties, events, and trips, where I had the chance to meet both international and local students, getting to know a bit better German culture."

  • portrait of incoming Tamara

    Tamara from Hungary: "I choose to come to the Aschaffenburg, because I read about its high quality of education. The lecturers at a university of applied sciences in Germany are required to have several years of experience, which is not common in Hungary. Speaking from my experience, this university fulfilled my expectations and even outperformed them. Both the education level and the social life was better than I could ever imagine. I learned a lot here and broadened my views about higher education, not to mention that I was lucky enough to participate in several exceptional trips with Business Seminar Germany and Introduction to the EU courses. Concerning my social life, these two semesters were truly the best days of my life. I have collected a lot of new friends and unforgettable memories in Aschaffenburg, so if you are hesitating, I can just say GO FOR IT!"

  • portrait of incoming Paweł

    Paweł from Poland: "First thing that hits you after arriving to the TH Aschaffenburg is their great hospitality and peacefulness of the campus. Even thought I was a little worried at the real beginning about the new place, people and culture, after the Orientation Week I felt absolutely integrated with the rest of the academic society and ready to explore new place with them. Additionally, thanks to the great number of international students, one has a great opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences and discuss them from many perspectives. Practical form of classes, very knowledgeable professors and enthusiastic administrative staff make time spend at the campus incredibly enjoyable. The local students and people were very excited to share their country, customs, cuisine and nightlife with us, and I will be forever grateful to them for allowing us to experience an authentic piece of the country. I would highly recommend the studies in Aschaffenburg to everyone- you won’t regret it!"