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Aschaffenburg UAS recommended by 95 percent of students

According to the rating portal StudyCheck, AB UAS is one of the five most popular universities in Germany with under 5,000 students.

In the current StudyCheck ranking of the most popular German universities, the University of Applied Sciences ranks 5th in the Category Award out of a total of 23 universities that have fewer than 5,000 students. This ranking is based the star rating and the recommendation rate.

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences has received almost almost 500 ratings. It was recommended by over 95 per cent and received an average of 4 out of 5 stars. Of the 20 Bachelor's degree programmes at Aschaffenburg UAS that were assessed by students, as many as half were recommended 100 percent. Overall, AB UAS achieved a score of 8.97.

Aschaffenburg UAS is one of the most popular universities

The Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences currently ranks very highly in the category of smaller universities. For the Category Award 2023, colleges and universities in Germany were divided into three categories according to the number of their students: under 5,000 students, 5,000 to 15,000 students and over 15,000 students. The respective placement in the ranking is then determined by the students' ratings and the resulting so-called score value.

The score is calculated based on all the testimonials published on for the past calendar year 2022. The score comes about due to the star rating and the recommendation rate of the students. In order to be included in the ranking, a higher education institution must have had at least 100 evaluations in the previous year.

The StudyCheck evaluation portal

As an independent evaluation portal,StudyCheck offers one of the largest study databases in Germany and Austria. It compares more than 20,000 degree programmes in the university ranking and includes more than 400,000 evaluations by students and graduates who have assessed the universities and their degree programmes.