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Employer Branding and Talent Winning Strategies for Companies

Global Master School hosted by TH Aschaffenburg addressed challenges of the region in a global setting with more than 40 participants from across the world

How can young talents from different parts of the world support in particular smaller and medium sized companies located outside of large metropolitan areas in gaining, training and retaining talent?

This was the focus of this year’s Global Master School (GMS) hosted by TH Aschaffenburg on the occasion of its 10th anniversary. The GMS was founded ten years ago as a trilateral partnership between TH Aschaffenburg, the University of Missouri St Louis UMSL, US and Seinäjoko University of Applied Sciences SEAMK, Finland. Ever since the GMS has been a catalyst for international cooperation and internationalization initiatives for all participating universities. On 20 November, the approximately 40 participants of the GMS were officially welcomed at the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences by the Vice President for Studies, Teaching and International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Holger Paschedag.

  • Participants of this year's Global Master School at the opening event in the Hock-Saal

  • Prof. Dr. Holger Paschedag, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and International Affairs, welcomes the participants of GMS

  • Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress, International representative of the Faculty of Business and Law and coordinator of the GMS at the TH AB, welcomes the participants

This year, more than 40 MBA and MA students from the international university partner network participated in the program entitled “Employer Branding and Talent Winning Strategies in a Globalized World – Case Study Bavarian Lower Main” – including also for the first time participants from two more partner of THAB – Skoda Auto University in the Czech Republic and the University of Economics in Kattowice, Poland. The two companies R+W and Erbacher Food Family were the two corporate cooperation partners in this program operating globally while being embedded regionally. The “BVMW” and “Institut für Mittelstandsmanagement” of TH AB were associated partners.

Michael van der Cammen, Director International Relations of the German Public Federal Employment set the scene by providing an insight into the policy framework in Germany of securing skilled labour and corresponding legal measures such as the (Reformed) Skilled Immigration Act. A visit to the ECB Frankfurt with a talk by ECB host Gabriel Glöckler on the role of the ECB in challenging times also formed an integral part of this week’s intensive program.

International Students develop employer branding and recruiting strategies for regional companies

During the company visits and interactions with the company representatives GMS participants from around the globe gained an insight into the challenges and context of the respective companies and were assigned to address in particular suitable recruitment strategies to attract talent to this region and companies with a focus on Gen Z. 

Accompanying lecturers and coaching sessions to support students with their final project task  addressed  the topics of employer branding, social media communicating recruiting strategies, human resource development, the regional economic context and societal challenges of the region as well as teamwork , presentation and pitching skills for the company clients. Prof. Dr Thomas Lauer, Prof. Dr. Erich Ruppert (THAB) and Marcel Rother  (THAB) and Prof Dr Joe Rottman (UMSL) as well as by Dr Elisa Kannasto (SEAMK) and Dr Eva Svejdarova (Skoda Auto University) and THAB alumna Angela Bauer who works as management consultant all formed part of this year’s GMS lecturer team.

  • Trip to Schloss Mespelbrunn

  • Trip to European Central Bank in Frankfurt

  • Company visit to Erbacher the Food Family

  • Company Visit to R + W

Successful conclusion with extremely positive feedback

In their final presentations to the companies, students presented strategies that aimed at enhancing the visibility and noticeability of the companies beyond the region as such to attract and retain talents. Building a strong employer brand so that future employees can associate specific values with the employer in question as well as increasing the attractiveness of living and working in the region – here Lower Bavarian Untermain – overall were also strategies addressed by the international student teams.

The GMS was officially closed by Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Beck-Meuth, president of AUAS who thanked all participants for their engagement in a certificate awarding and farewell ceremony also including representatitves of R+W and Erbacher Food Family and moderated by Marcel Rother.

The participants’ feedback about the GMS was very positive. 

The GMS is an excellent international education program to address challenges we are facing together in common engaging with companies and public policy makers. The success is thanks to our fantastic participants as well as a great team of colleagues and partners.

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress, international representative of the Faculty of Business and Law and coordinator of the Global Master School at TH AB

Ernst Schulten, head of the IO, hosted the guests with an attractive social program throughout the week including highlights ranging from a local hiking tour and lunch at a tavern in the local Spessart forest to visiting the Schloss Mespelbrunn and the town of Miltenberg with a brewery tour.

The Hosting Team of the GMS 2023 included: Alexandra Angress, Ernst Schulten, Ana Karen Jana Janeiro, Anna Dietz, Erich Ruppert, Thomas Lauer und Marcel Rother.

  • Joy about the successful participation in the joint final event in the Hock-Saal

Here is the feedback from some participants:

Handling compelling challenges and a load of learning sessions along with the fun is the essence of Global Master School at AUAS. I personally enjoyed visiting the R+W office a hidden gem in the region producing versatile couplings for various industries. Although it is a medium-sized company its democratic leadership still offers an organic leadership where talent can prosper swiftly. During one week we learned about the legal aspects of global talent recruitment in Germany and talent acquisition strategies, features of Gen Z and the competitiveness of the Lower Main Region. And it was a privilege to gain firsthand insights into the functionalities of the ECB during this program.

Mian Mutti Rehman, SEAMK/DD at TH AB

The GMS was a wonderful opportunity to solve problems with students from all over the world. I greatly enjoyed the organization, experiences, the local culture and the many great lectures. The GMS was incredibly fast paced and well organized: Over the course of one week we visited local companies, castles a history brewery and the ECB and well as a local winter market. I greatly enjoyed my time and would recommend for every MBA student.

Luke Daniel Downes, UMSL

It was a real pleasure to have an opportunity to participate in the GMS/BIP program. The program did not only broaden our knowledge but also brought new experiences in the field of HR, communication and many others. All lectures were well- structured and very entertaining and the lecturing team shared us valuable insights and guided us as to how to use them in practice. Besides learning we managed to make new, hopefully long-lasting friendships . Thanks to the perfect organization of the program.

Bára Jancáková & Jakub Vávra, Skoda Auto University