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Europe Day on the Aschaffenburg UAS campus

Opening of a theme trail with display boards on the values of the European Union in German and English together with students

In future, a European theme trail on the campus of Aschaffenburg UAS will invite students to explore the values and principles on which the European Union (EU) is based. Eight charts in German and English illustrate significant achievements of European integration. Among other things, the theme trail focuses on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU, the common values from Article 2 TEU, democracy and the rule of law, as well as values you experience in everyday life in Europe.

Anchoring the values of the EU in all member states

The contents of the mobile display boards are based on the "Europe Values Trail" of the Europa Union Bayern and can also be made accessible to students and guests of Aschaffenburg UAS on suitable occasions - such as on Europe Day. "Democracy and the rule of law are the central principles of political cooperation among the societies of Europe," explains Prof. Dr. Holger Paschedag, Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Internationalisation. "The appeal of these principles is unbroken and a thorn in the side of all dictators. This makes it all the more important to strengthen the EU and firmly anchor its values in all member states," he emphasises.

Kick-off for study excursion to Brussels with insights into EU institutions

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress and Prof. Dr. Kristina Balleis are pleased about this joint project with the Europa Union Bayern and brought the idea to the campus of Aschaffenburg UAS together with Ernst Schulten, Head of the International Office, and Dieter Schornick, Chairman of the Europa Union Aschaffenburg. Both professors deal with basic pillars and current issues of European integration in courses taught in German and English.

The opening of the theme trail on Europe Day on 9 May, together with students from the Erasmus programme, international guest students and students from the English-language Master's programme "International Management" also serves as a prelude to a joint study excursion to Brussels this semester. After almost two years of digital teaching, both professors are pleased to once again be able to jointly provide students of Aschaffenburg UAS, Erasmus and international guest students with concrete insights into the EU institutions on site.

A trail for reflection

On campus, the theme trail on European values and goals is a good opportunity to engage in conversation with guests from home and abroad - for example, on certain occasions such as during international short-term programmes on campus (including the Global Master School or the Erasmus Blended Intensive Programme entitled "Your campus of the future").
On Europe Day, the theme trail provides a good occasion for exchanging views about what holds citizens of the EU and beyond together. At the same time, it provides food for thought on the future (shaping) of the European idea - in keeping with the subtitle of the theme path on Europe's values: "A walking path for reflection".

  • Opening of the theme trail with display boards on the values of the European Union in front of the Aschaffenburg UAS canteen

  • On Europe Day on the AB UAS campus: Students study at a display board on shared values