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More than 3,500 students enrolled at Aschaffenburg UAS for the start of the semester

With over 1,000 first-semester students, the number of students at Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences reaches a new highpoint in October.

UAS President Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Beck-Meuth welcomed 1,051 first-semester students to the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences for the 2023/2024 winter semester today. "At Aschaffenburg UAS you will find optimal conditions for studying successfully. Your professors always have an open ear for you," she assured the newcomers and wished them all a good start to their studies.

District Administrator Dr Alexander Legler also warmly welcomed the new students: "Our university stands distinguishes itself through its excellence and outstanding reputation, which its graduates also enjoy far beyond our region!" emphasised Legler. "From today you will be part of this excellence! I wish you all the greatest success, lots of joy and a wonderful time in your studies!"

"Many of those who study in Aschaffenburg also find a job here or in the immediate vicinity - we look forward to meeting you," were the motivating words of Lord Mayor Jürgen Herzing, who wished the students at the university a successful start to their studies - via video message.

Student numbers developing positively

Compared to the previous year, the number of enrolments for the Bachelor in Business Administration has increased by around 20 percent, which is currently the most popular degree programme at Aschaffenburg UAS with almost 130 first-year students and a total of more than 480 students. The Business Psychology degree programme is enjoying a continuous and significant increase in demand. Enrolments in the Bachelor's degree programmes in Medical Engineering and Data Science as well as in Industrial Engineering and Management have almost doubled. The enrolment numbers in the degree programmes Renewable Energies and Energy Management, Multimedia Communication and Documentation as well as Software Design are slightly higher than last year, with the new English-language variant "Software Design International" starting directly with 15 students. The Midwifery degree programme continues to be in high demand. All available study places have been taken once again.

First-semester students for the winter semester 2023/2024

449 new students start their studies In the Faculty of Engineering and 569 first-year students start in the Faculty of Business and Law. 33 first-year students have enrolled at the Faculty of Health Sciences (in the process of being founded).

Enrolments in the Bachelor's degree programmes:

  • Business Administration: 128 
  • Business Administration and Law: 87
  • Digital Real Estate Management: 38           
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: 31 (thereof 4 cooperative studies)
  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (extra-occupational): 23
  • Renewable Energies and Energy Management: 38
  • Midwifery: 33
  • International Real Estate Management: 90
  • International Technical Sales Management: 14
  • Mechatronics: 41 (thereof 2 cooperative studies)
  • Medical Engineering and Data Science: 30
  • Medium-sized Business Management: 22
  • Modern Materials: 14
  • Multimedia Communication and Documentation: 47
  • Software Design: 73
  • Software Design International (new): 15
  • Industrial Engineering: 72 
  • Industrial Engineering (extra-occupational): 7         
  • Business Psychology: 109

A total of 42 students will start their Master's degree in the winter semester 2023/24 in the Faculty of Engineering in the degree programmes Applied Research in Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and Industrial Engineering. In the Faculty of Business and Law 84 students are enrolled in the Master's degree programmes in Real Estate Management, International Management and Business and Law. Both faculties have recorded a significant increase compared to the previous year.

In addition, a total of 56 Master's students had already enrolled at Aschaffenburg UAS for the 2023 summer semester, 26 of them in the Faculty of Engineering and 30 in the Faculty of Business and Law.

In addition, a total of 13 students are starting a module course in Electrical and Information Technology, Industrial Engineering or Asset Management, which can be completed with a university certificate.

International Students

In the winter semester 2023/24, a total of 97 first-year students will begin their studies at Aschaffenburg UAS. They come from 26 partner universities in 16 countries. Together with the international students from the previous semester, this means that 110 exchange students are currently enrolled in Aschaffenburg.

Introduction and getting to know the freshmen in the first days

The new students gain valuable insights and information about the university and their chosen degree programme during a tour of the campus and a joint breakfast with professors. A city rally and getting-to-know-you games in small groups enable the newcomers to get to know the leisure activities offered by the city of Aschaffenburg and, above all, to get to know each other better. The lectures start on 6 October 2023.

The winter semester already began on 20 September for the more than 30 first-year students of the extra-occupational degree programmes. To kick things off, the new students of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology degree programme, which has been continuously in high demand for 10 years (see also news article on the anniversary), and the Industrial Engineering and Management degree programme met on campus. The three-day event was all about team building, blended learning and scientific work. In future, the working students will study together on campus once a month for two intensive days in addition to the part-time blended learning.