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“Practising Cultural Intelligence Across Cultures”

Intensive Programme connects more than 40 students and lecturers from six universities across Europe

How can we learn about the cultural impact on our products and brands in Europe?

This was the focus of the Intensive Programme (IP) PROMINENCE “PRACTICING CULTURAL INTELLIGENCE ACROSS CULTURES” which took place this week at the University of Economics in Bratislava with students and professors from 6 European countries: Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

In cross-cultural teams students were developing (beer) brands and devising marketing strategies to introduce them to target markets in two European countries. Two marketing leaders from Heineken Slovakia demonstrated the importance of these lessons in sharing their experiences in altering an existing product in order to grow market share. They also highlighted the importance of marketing in a sales and product strategy. One cultural highlight was the international buffet where participants from the respective countries bring along some delicacies specific to their national cuisines.

We really like the experience here merging cultural intelligence with real-world business and crafting in our teams global marketing campaigns for the European market. And in our global teamwork adventure – we found strength in diversity with students from every corner of Europe contributing to our success.

Annabell Winkelmann, Joshua Eissing, Jan-Niklas Behr and Leon Ihrig (All four are BA students in our faculty that had been nominated by TH Aschaffenburg to participate in this international programme.)

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress as initiator, academic coordinator and one of the lectures on this successful European programme for our university!  We are excited to have been involved since the launch of this European project consortium PROMINENCE. For next year, our partner the University of Economics in Varna, has already signaled a willingness to host the next IP as an ERASMUS IP in November in Varna. We look forward to this and will keep you in the loop!

Universities and Academic Team involved:

Coordinator Ildiko Nemethova, Eva Stradiotova, Viera Vančíková (University of Economics in Bratislava, EUBA, Slovakia); Troy Wiwczaroski (University of Debrecen, Hungary); Justyna Ganassali (University of Economics in Katowice, Poland); Petar Petrov (University of Economics – Varna, Bulgaria); Lieze Joye (Howest University of Applied Sciences, Belgium); Alexandra Angress (Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany)