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Successful Graduation and Celebration of MERCURI 1 students

An amazing two-year European Journey in four different countries

Congratulations! The first cohort of 14 Mercuri students has successfully graduated from the European MA Programme MERCURI with a focus on Marketing Customer Relationship Management. 

”What an amazing experience, we are so happy to be have been on this unique, attractive, international MA programme and so proud to have now successfully graduated”, says Laura Bacek, one of the delighted and very successful mercuri graduates.

Mercuri is a 2-year MA programme that takes place in four different countries: Poland, France, Germany and Spain. The Universities of Economics of Katowice, the University of Grenoble, Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences and CEU Cardenal Herrera University in Valencia joined forces to create a new joint programme with four semesters – each semester is studied at a different university and in a different country.

The successful MA thesis defense in Valencia marked the last milestone of the students’ European journey and was coordinated by host Prof. Paco Suay, CEU Cardenal Herrera.: “The Master Thesis defense is the moment where students demonstrate all that they have learned in the Master. It has been fantastic to conduct these sessions and to confirm that our Mercuri students are very well prepared to the labor market. All of them work very hard during these 2 years and I can only say: Congratulations and you’re ready for success.”  The topics for the final MA theses ranged from international and cross-cultural perspectives on sustainabiliity marketing to optimisation of market reserach methods, underlines Prof. Dr. Victoria Bertels from TH Aschaffenburg, one of the mercuri MA theses supervisors as well as Prof. Dr. Thomas Lauer.

Prof. Slawomir Smycek, Vice-Rector of the coordinating institution University of Economics in Katowice, is deligthed about this achievement: ” We are very proud to see the results of what has been achieved and would like to congratulate our fantastic first cohort of Mercuri students and wish them all the best for a professional and private future”.

The majority of Mercuri 1 has already been offered attractive jobs in different places of Europe, such as in Germany, France or Spain. A built-in element of the programme is an internship in the last semester which offers the opportunity to gain relevant professional perspectives and meet potential future employers. 

International experience, personal development, discovering other cultures and adventures are among the key elements the fresh graduates will remember most they say when they think of their MERCURI journey.  

And the international Mercuri network continues to grow: With a successful Mercuri 1 generation graduated, the new cohort of Mercuri 3 students will start their European learning journey on 30 September at the University of Economies in Katowice. Mercuri 2 student generation looks forward to their second year starting at TH Aschaffenburg with an orientation week this week. 

More information about the programme and admission requiremeents can be found on the MERCURI website:

At Aschaffenburg UAS, Prof. Dr. Alexandra Angress, who is also one of the founding members, is academic coordinator and member of the mercuri board. The next step is to design a joint degree programme between all four partner institutions.