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Research profile

Eine Studentin mit einer Pipette und einem Becherglas mit Flüssigkeit in einem Labor an der TH Aschaffenburg.

Application-oriented research for a strong future

How can we use key technologies such as artificial intelligence or functional materials in such a way that they make our everyday lives easier, conserve resources and increase road safety? How can we transfer scientific expertise to entrepreneurial practice and sustainably secure competitiveness and thus livelihoods?

As a research-intensive university of applied sciences, Aschaffenburg UAS makes an important contribution to securing Germany as a research location. In the focus areas of Intelligent Systems, Materials as well as Information Management and Structural Transformation interdisciplinary teams at Aschaffenburg UAS work on application-oriented research projects for a strong future. The consistent transfer of technology and knowledge to industry and business is of central importance for all research.

Key research areas

As an experienced partner for research and development and initiator of innovation, we promote competitiveness of companies, especially in our region.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Zindler, Vice president research


Are you interested in a cooperation with Aschaffenburg UAS? Our research managers will be pleased to support you in planning new projects and provide optimal research conditions. We are looking forward to your ideas!